Gina McCray (9 Sep 2011)
"Re: Gerlinda Coma, Coma Sharon's survival"


Good points correlating Ariel Sharon's coma and Elenin's coma. In the below article, there are many astounding medical reasons proving how Ariel Sharon's survival to date, appears to be nothing short of miraculous.
Gerlinda (8 Sep 2011)
 "ComaComa" Hello DovesI've read on here that some believe that something very important such as a death of an important man will take place about the time of the Rapture. Sowhether this is so or notI'd like to pass along a bit of news that I read about a year or so ago and believe the source may have been on Steve Q's link but please do not quote me on that. The short story went on to the effect that an Illuminati Insider told his daughter when she heard that Ariel Sharon passed awayshe had two weeks to get out of the USA. Another story was told by a father about his son telling him that Jesus told him about when the Rapture would happen. He said that right after a famous man diedthen it would happen. This is not the story about the other boy that mentioned "A great Catastrophe" as the pre-cursor to the Rapture. Sowhat do the two stories have to do with now? Perhaps nothing but then Lewis Brackett mentioned that a 'huge coma" could block out the sun and bring about 3 days of darkness and something triggered the above recollections. Coma represents a blockage such as speaking about Elenin Coma is what Ariel Sharon has been in since January 42006which came about due to a blockage of blood to the brain. So we have two "Comas". Someone on Five Doves can come up with more on that I'm sure. This manSharonwas a past favorite son of Israel until he evacuated Jewish settlers out of Gaza which left him a mannot only hated by the Arabs but those amongst his own kinsmenwhich brought a curse pronouced against him by the Kabbalist group of 20 men that met in the Sabbath Full Moon. I also read that his real namebefore his father changed it to Sharonwas Ariel Scheinermann. I do not recall my German that well anymore but someone on Doves will know for sure what that means. Does it refer to Shining man? Yiddish is much like the German. Better yetplease let some Israeli tell us the meaning of that name. I believe these two Comas may mean something but maybe not. I am just wondering. I've included this short bit here below with their links for those that are interested in this huge man Sharon that has been reduced to a vegetable. Gerlinda Between August 16 and August 302005Israel safely evacuated more than 8500 Israeli settlers andon September 112005Israeli soldiers left Gazaending Israel's 38-year presence in the area In mid-December2005Sharon spent two days in a hospital after suffering a minor strokewhich doctors said caused no irreparable brain damage. Howeveron January 42006Sharon was rushed to the hospital following anothermore serious stroke. Sharon suffered a massive brain hemorrhagewhich caused extensive cerebral bleeding. Although once considered a hardline politician who was the “father of the settlement movement” and a brilliant leader in the wartimeSharon devoted his last years in politics to pursuing peace with security for Israel and its neighbors. in July 2005Ariel Sharon was targeted by Jewish extremists with an ancient kabbalistic death curse known in the Aramaic language as a “pulsa denura” or “lash of fire”showing the combination of politics and religious extremism at the heart of the current Middle East crisis. The pulsa denuralike most cursesis understood to be dangerous to the person who casts it as well as the person at whom it is aimed. The ceremony took place at midnight on the eve of the Sabbathperformed by a Kabbalist who led 20 men in prayer. One participant described it: “It was done in a beautiful cemetery with a thick forest around itunder a Full Moon.