Gerlinda (5 Sep 2011)
"Another Antichrist, Another Time"

John and Doves:  We have read so much on the subject of Apostasy, debating if it means Falling Away from Faith or Departing/Rapture.  I would like to present this lesson concerning another Antichrist of past history and the kind of religion he introduced believing himself  to be the Ruler of the Third Reich.    We know it was a religon devoted exclusively to Lucifer: however did the citizens realize this?  Little does the church see that this very same 'Apostasy" is already in full swing  made possible by the World Council of Churches and National Council of Churches whom have planted agents within every denomination.   The United Nations supports these "Lovey Dovey Devils" to bring an Eccumenical movement back to the Mother Church.   The Word of God tells us if possible, even the very elect will be taken in.  How is that possible:  because it is Subtle, Servantude and "Souless".   This is from Cutting Edge, whom does a thoroughly job.  Rather than debate the real meaning of the above word, how about seeing that it is a word with duel purposes.