Gerlinda (30 Sep 2011)
"Tidal Wave Warning!"

Suzi,  Thank you for posting that "Creepy" house.  While we may be so dissapointed that the Lord hasn't come for us, we need to remember He said that  He is coming and that means He is on His Way.  Suzi, you post shows how  these Satanic Workers of Iniquity flaunt their power and wealth but the one they serve has lied to them.....this they will learn at the end of the day.    While we keep waiting, rather impatiently, how about we take note of the many clues they are leaving of their plans of destruction that are in the works even as we wait.  What a gift and promise that we have received from Our Lord and Savior that we are not appointed unto the  wrath that is coming upon this world.
 Why I believe a huge tidal wave will  hit the USA and elsewhere....SOON.