Charles Holler (10 Sep 2011)
"Jimmy Lishman / Divine Appt."

Greetings John, Doves, and Jimmy,
I just wanted to thank Jimmy Lishman for his letter. It brought to my attention where my anticipation scale is on the rapture this Rosh Hashana, I'm hitting 99% ( that's as high as it goes) until the 100% sign (which is the dead in Christ rising) and since 1988 I've only been above 95% 4-5 times, and only 99% one other time and that was last year after the Lord answered my fleece, and as I look back I must have asked the question differently than I thought. I will find out in heaven. There have been many great dates starting with 1988 for me, then the earthquake of June 9th, 1994, several in 97, 98, 99, and who can forget y2k, then 2001  the real new millennium because of no 0 year, then a lull, a few dates here or there,but taking off in 2008, Rosh Hashana 777.68 Dow drop, the great discovery of the tetrads and in particular October 29th, then so much confirmation on the identity of the anti- christ brought every Festival of The Lord and multiple other dates all in the 90% + on my anticipation meter. With all of these dates there is one thing we never looked at, the sign of Rev. 12. the virgin and Genesis 1:14 told us to look here. Before we used all kinds of gemetra's, ELS bible codes, Israel, Jerusalem, Days of Noah, Lot, and etc......But then we started looking up ( our redemption must be drawing nigh) and there were the tetrads, then Kevin Hinkle saw the signs that pointed to the anti-christ, his birth place and time and then his covenant with the many ( a good read by the way to see how many times BHO said one week) and then here it came Elenin ( EL God , enin clouds ) and everyone is looking at it,  from Christians to devil worshipers and everything in between, the most googles comet in history, and then we saw it making a crown on September 29, 2011 Rosh Hashana and it only fits on the 29th, 28th puts it to low and the 30th is way to high and it was as if The Great Almighty was screaming from the heavens LOOK LOOK PLEASE LOOK, I sent this sign with the first coming and here it is again LOOK, I will keep my divine appt. for His rapture of His Bride. Jimmy it was your letter that put this together for me and as I humbly asked The Lord why so many other dates?? Why?? And I believe in a still small voice ( He talks to us on our own level) He said " to desensitize you to this reality" and all of a sudden it made so much sense, had I not been looking and just going on as normal with everyday life and then get revelation knowledge He was coming this Sept 29, 2011 it would have FREAKED ME OUT , but not now with all the other dates, now it's Oh...O.K. this is it, this is the one, Hallelujah, Glory to God, Thank you Jesus, I'm so ready.
Charles Holler Sr