Charles (5 Sep 2011)
"Important video please share!"

This video is on YouTube every attempt I have made to get this on five doves has been interrupted! This video explains why the rapture is a divine appointment by God with his elect not a feast made up by the Jewish people! Look it also uses the very verses most clueless use to say we cannot know to prove it's Rosh hosanna an appointment and a season not a date. It also ties in the other signs we are supposed to watch for and know how they prove it's this year! First the generation that was born when Israel became a nation is the one to see this all happen right? What's up with the average Christian who says he may come back in a thousand years we just don't know? They are purposely being deceived be be because times calendars and holidays and seasons were changed from God ordained ones to man created ones on purpose! Does it not say he will seek to change times and seasons. The fact is the corporate churches are supporting a Palistinian state with the average church goers money and he does not know and if told does not know to care! 99.9% of Professed Christians have no clue Jesus is coming in probably 25-27 days to rescue those waiting on their divine appointment because the holy spirit in themed them to the truth of the scriptures and by watching and praying they understand the signs. Earthquakes In Ohio, Virginia, Utah, new Mexico all in a week? one now two hurricanes barreling to the east coast one named peace the other pure as in purify! The UN ready to declare Palistine a state, famine, drought, New Orleans hit during their decadence festival! Really wake up Christians stop listening to your pastor talk about the goal for next years building fund listen ask for the holy spirit it's screaming he's coming you better be ready for the appointment! God is serious he told us not to divide his land our father would yell then spank he's yelling and few are hearing or caring the spanking is coming and those who do not oppose the dividing will not stand. Come out of her mystery Babylon my people and be not partakers of her sins and her punishments. Time to stop playing corporate church and realize you have been called to a divine appointment with Jesus to be rescued before the world who is dividing Israel is spanked!