Candace (10 Sep 2011)
"Re Nicole"

Hi Nicole I enjoyed reading your posts. 3 years ago Jesus showed me in  several dreams, plane crashes. One was I was in someone's house and I had their family pic in my hand looking at it, it was an asian family then in real life a month later a plane crashed in their house and killed the fam but dad when I saw it on the news I recognized the family from the pic in my dream. Then in another dream I saw plane crash then an army tank outside and 911 call didn't work anymore. So the plane crashes mean something also I noticed on the news 3 yrs ago when I was watching for news of plane crashes there were a lot of cranes falling(sounds insignificant)but I know its not. Your dream seems so real because isn't that how satan works something so horrible as a demonic alien looks like a cute animal to others like its no big deal that's how he tricks people. When I read what other people dream about or have a revelation of and it sounds so unrealistic its hard to believe but that's why God shows us because it is that true and weird. I dreamed about a month ago there was a another earth(or that's what it looked like)orbiting our earth,I was up in space looking down and when it came close to me it had like trees and dirt in the shape of an upside down monkey head(not sure what's coming but it looked scary). I just want to add too I had a dream sept 1 of meters falling they looked like fire balls and they were hitting woods and setting woods on fire in my dream I knew they are literally happening and falling now but no one knows it,I believe now that's where the fires are coming from in texas. Crazy things are happening and after contagion came out I wonder how is it the secular world can give us a preview prelude of revelation but yet 99 % of people live in disney world no matter how many 911s there are people can't get the hint somethings wrong. Thanks
God bless you and protect everyone
Of us