BG Ellis (29 Sep 2011)
"More conformation that The Rapture is on: October 1st, 2011!"

  1. I was reading Rapture In The Air Now and this guy had a dream that a messenger of God told him that the Rapture would happen on October 1st, 2011!  SEE: THIS!  The messenger said that it would be 7-days from September 24th, 2011 (NOTE: This is the date that the Upper Atmosphere Research Satellite’s debris fell to Earth)!
  2. This is a commit on one of my YouTube videos:
    Have NO doubt people, this is Yahushua coming. Answer. Daniels weeks Prophecy. 62, & 7. Gods calendar 360 days a year. 360x69=24840. Divided by 365=68.5. Israel decree for a state, 1947. 1947+68.5=2015.5 Then in the midst, subtract 3 and a half years. 2015.5-3.6=2011.9 (NOTE: THIS IS AROUND END OF - September) REPENT! This prophecy has not been able to be solved until now. Just as the angel told Daniel. You will scoff; you will say the day & hour can’t be known. It can, it is! God did not appoint us that believe to suffer the wrath.
  3. 11:11 = Rapture date of 10/1/11!  11:11 is the number everyone has been seeing lately on a digital clock.  I have seen this occurrence thousands of times over the last 5 years.  If you throw out the 0, this is the only date left in 2011 that has exactly 4 (1) or 2 (11) or 1 (11:11).  Was the Lord trying to reveal The Rapture date all alone?








B.G. Ellis