Amanda (9 Sep 2011)
"For:  Charles and Lynn"

Hello Charles,

Thanks for your confirmations from the Lord.  I'm right there with you about your wife.  My husband truly has no idea even after I tell him.  Actually I think they know but are denying it and are scared.  Even I who can't wait to touch and hug my Saviour is scared!  Sometimes I forget what Jesus has said to not pressure them and to speak graciously about it.  I pray she's raptured along with my husband.  My husband was saved when we were dating but I often wonder about him (lukewarm and sometimes making fun of christianity).  I just continue to pray.  I keep thinking do I bother to start buying Christmas gifts!  Looking forward to meeting so many doves soon.

Lynn thank you for your so very helpful advice on these demonic dreams and even demonic visions.  Last night I awoke to seeing something coming down towards my husband.  I immediately, unfearfully (truly the Lord's strength!) commanded it to leave and quickly it went up towards the ceiling and vanished.  I will pray like you suggested.  So thankful I'm covered by His blood.  

I'm getting excited for our soon-to-be wedding!