Ray (30 Oct 2022)
"Zechariah 9, Sons of Greece, Part 2"


John and Doves,

I have done some research on the surname Grech. It comes from Greek. It actually means Greek. From Daniel 8:22-23, littlle horn shall come from one of the four empires after Alexander's death. Greek is one of them. Grech also means herd, shepherd. God calls Antichrist foolish shepherd in Zechariah 1:15-17. The ancestors of Grech comes from Greek, and settled in Malta. I think Cardinal Mario Grech has many of God's description of the little horn.

Below is what I have found.


What does 'Grech' mean?

The Greek ‘Gregorios’ is a derivative of gregorein meaning ‘to be awake’ or ‘to be watchful’. However, the Latin form, Gregorius, was associated
 with folk etymology, namely grex, gregis, meaning ‘flock’ or ‘herd’. Just think of the collective noun ‘aggregate’. To support this, the association with the Christian image of the good shepherd led sixteen popes to be named Gregory!


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The Origins of Grech

Everything you wanted to know about Grech but were afraid to ask...Note the scorpion...

The origins of the surname Grech appear to ultimately lie in the Latin word "Graecus" meaning "Greece." Thus the surname Grech denotes "descendant
 of the Greek." Malta's relations which Greece and Greek culture goes back to ancient times.