Fay (25 Oct 2020)
"Hurtling Toward the Conclusion of the Church Age"


Hi John and Doves,

A very short (But excellent) YT clip from Paul Dawson in the link. It will show you just how close our LORD Jesus is to returning for His church.


It has become very clear that Netanyahu is complicit in signing these evil Abraham Accords. Perhaps Netanyahu is deceived himself? Has he been lulled into a false sense of security by the Trump administration regarding Israel's safety? I believe he has. I believe that Netanyahu is also complicit in the whole Covid-19 deception. Israel has suffered draconian lockdowns - stopping them from observing Sukkot as it is supposed to be observed. Netanyahu put his signature to the blasphemous Abraham Accord and has pimped out Jerusalem to the Islamic religion. The Temple Mount will soon be over-run with Muslim worshippers. Shame on him. Deep shame on him.

This whole Covid-19 plandemic has been very cleverly implemented. So-called "medical experts" in each country keep sounding the fake alarm. These "experts" are advising the governments. I have seen the UK's Boris Johnson go from a confident, grinning prime Minster to a rather bedraggled shadow of his former self. His hair is falling out and he was photographed with a shower of dandruff and hair on the collar and shoulders of his Saville Row suit. He appears confused, lost and a little frightened. The UK "medical experts" seem to be calling all the shots. Our world economy is deliberately being imploded. No question.

This is an audacious final move by the evil powers that be.