Fay (25 Oct 2020)
"Foreign Funding"


I picked this up on Sunday October 18th.

Of course it all makes perfect sense. As we read in 1 Timothy 6...."The love of money is the root of all evil". SO many people, who are bereft of the Holy Spirit, are willing to bend their principles for the sake of money. These people lack any concern of how this greed will affect their own country. And, of course - it explains why the likes of Russia and China have made it onto the Human Rights world body. Not only do they lack any common sense - they seem oblivious to the fact that it turns the term "human rights" into a slapstick joke.

It's like awarding Obama the Nobel Peace Prize when he had done NOTHING to deserve it. BIZARRE.

All these weird things must surely wake up the world? The mind boggling fact that a clearly, mentally challenged man - Biden - is the best that the Dems can offer in this up-coming election? Come on! The media inform us that the polls have Biden surging in the lead!!! WHAT?!? I am now thoroughly convinced that the powers that be are oblivious to real human thought and emotion. They honestly think that we all swallow their lies. Genuinely. They seem to be oblivious to reality.

Bibi Netanyahu has carried on the old tradition of not allowing the Jewish people to worship on the Temple Mount. The lie that supports this stance is that allowing Jewish people to pray on the Temple Mount will "incite the Muslim world". Netanyahu is but one of the band of charlatans that have ruled Israel. He is in power because he gives a "nod" to the Orthodox Jews. If he were a true man of God, he would NOT have signed Israel into the Abraham Accord. The same must be said about DJ Trump. Pres. Trump rides the wave on the back of evangelical support. Few people seem to realise the evil intent behind the Abraham Accord. It will turn Jerusalem and the Temple Mount into an Islamic free-for-all.

They are ALL charlatans.