Cliff (25 Oct 2020)
"Be ready for the Rapture"

Hi jon

This is what I strongly believe to be the rapture and great tribulation sequence.

Without any indication or warning in an ordirnary day. Everyone about their daily routine or nightly routine depending were their located in the world.

SUDDENLY out of nowhere people vanish instantly as a global gigantic earthquake rocks the earth, the rapture will happen so fast and at the same time of the earthquake that no one left behind will have seen it.An earthquacke of a magnitude never seen before so great that mountains and islands will be moved out of their places,domant volcanoes will erupt so that heavy clouds of black smoke and soot will cover the sun and moon's light for days or weeks.

Extreme fear ,confusion and panic will grip the world.All global communications and a technological blackout will have occurred.Houses, buldings and many man made structures will either be seriously damaged or completely destroyed, forcing people to evacuate into mountains and forests for fear of another big one. Survivors will start sleeping in the open and some in caves and crevices. crime rates will hit the stratosphere and there will be little or no help from the law enforcement agents

Hundreds of Millions will be declared dead,billions injured and hundreds of millions more missing.But what they will not realise is many of those declared missing along with those who had previously died in Christ will have been transformed and raptured.This is the BODY OF CHRIST group.The BRIDE OF CHRIST will remain for the Great tribulation.

In the aftermath of the global catastrophe as the world comes to grips with what has happened and attempts to rebuild their lives in the coming weeks.
Some Global media and communication networks will slowly come back online and the scientists, geologists, theologians and all kinds of analysts will start presenting their theories on what has happened and why.

At the same time the 144 000 who will be spread out in every country and area in the world will start their ministry warning those left behind that the hour of God's judgement has come and that they should fear the true God and repent.And so starts the preparation of the BRIDE OF CHRIST for his second coming.

A short while later as the world tries to re-organise itself amid this global catastrophy and continued countless unexplainable supernatural events going on around (courtesy of the devil and his demons preparing the world for the Antichrist), the 7th pope dies, and kings, Queens,Presidents, Prime Ministers and religious leaders will be packed at the Vatican for the funeral, the event will be broadcast live round the world.Then all of a sudden lots of noises from the sky above st Peter's square.apparitions will appear lying signs and wonders then bang the 6th popes glass tomb will shatter before the world's eyes and he will step out.

And so begins the three and a half years Great tribulation.The bride of Christ being hunted down and killed for not worshipping the beast( Judas Iscariot in the body of the late Pope John Paul II) and taking his mark.

Then God will unleash the 7 trumpet judgements prepared for those who worship the beast and take his mark.But the bride of Christ will hold on for their husband Christ till he comes for them