A Sister (27 Oct 2019)
"A Response: Frank Molver"

Great responses to the impressions by others given. Also Hemi's input re Pleiades constellation mentioned in the bible representing the 7 churches.

Yes! I completely agree! Thanks to all who responded. 

The clue of Pentecost and possibly Hanukkah of 2020 are interesting too.

This seems to be an important event as well. But, with my limited knowledge of astronomy, I'm just not sure what it means.

As I mentioned before, I recently heard a prophecy that Trump would be re elected and that he would some how facilitate Israel in building the 3rd Temple, that would fit that timeline maybe.

I believe Trump will be re-elected if we are still here. (But, please pray for his safety. I have a really bad feeling about him being in an extremely dangerous position given the Deep State's demonic plans to take him down. If they're not successful in removing him from office, what's next? I hate to think! Again, please pray for him.) 

As for the photo of the Temple that was included with this post, the open air windows on the towers around the edges look exactly like the open air window I was standing in as I was staring out into the night sky. So, I think this confirms my location in that part of the dream.

As I thought about the person or angel in the vision that was ascending the stairs who was dressed in rugged clothing, it reminded me of Rev 11 and the 2 witnesses dressed in sack cloth. John the baptist was dressed in rugged clothing. His ministry ended when Jesus ministry began, which lasted 3 1/2 years. So he seems to maybe fit.

I have a strong feeling it was Elijah, which Jesus mentioned in reference to John the Baptist, "coming in the Spirit of Elijah," as they came down the Mount of Transfiguration. So, you could be right here, especially given the recent death of "Elijah" Cummings - although I'm not saying Elijah Cummings was a Christian. (I don't know that he was.) I simply mean his death was symbolic. A man named Elijah left, and the prophet Elijah is returning. 

I had previously thought that the 2 witnesses would be here the last 3 1/2 years as sort of a tormentor to the AC and those who followed him, but maybe not.

The timing of the arrival of these two has me totally stumped. I think they have to be here at the beginning for the numbers to work out. When it says they are two candlesticks, I believe this a reference to Pentecost. When it says they are "cut down" and are described as olive trees, I think this is a reference to Hanukah. Does anyone else see it this way or have any other ideas?

The person ascending from below and disappearing prior to hitting the 4th step also reminded me of the underground church or the Church of Philadelphia that was spared going thru the tribulation, perhaps the last half of the 7 years.

This is an interesting point. I wondered this myself, since we are "in" the world but not of it - and have to deal with sin, and spiritual attacks all the time, which can leave our outer garments dirtied by the world (our construction zone). Plus, he didn't turn to the right or the left, which we are also admonished not to do.  

Here is a picture of a model of the Temple which the Jews intend to build. The towers on the corners seem to be about 30-40 ft high, as you can see, they do have windows. The original Temple did have a  hidden lower compartment where the Arc could be stored in case of emergency.

Yes, they match the last section of my dream exactly.

The part of the vision that was blurred reminds me of the part that says the prophecy would be sealed up until the last days, perhaps this is part of the unveiling.

This is a strong possibility as well. I continue to pray about the meaning of each section, but as far as the lower quadrants that went dark, I have no new information. 

Thanks again for everyone's help in deciphering this! I truly appreciate it. 

God Bless, 

A Sister in Christ