Ron Reese (29 Oct 2017)
"The REAL Rapture time frame is not ending,but just starting-11/1/17 to May, 2018"

                                   --11/1/17 TO PENTECOST, 2018
SUDDEN DESTRUCTION IS NOT OVER, BUT JUST BEGINNING!  I am extremely confident that this High Rapture Watch period begins on 11/1/17 and will likely go into the Spring of 2018.
I have not written much the past few months for two reasons.  With almost all watchers focused on Sept. and Oct. of this year, and almost all letters to Five Doves also focused on this time period, little attention would be paid to a likely Rapture projection of the Spring of 2018.  So, I had to hold off on writing much until now. 
The other reason is that I have just finished radiation treatments for prostate cancer, which have consumed my time and energy the past several weeks.  As I expressed in earlier posts this year, this has been a year of heavy attacks from the enemy, probably more than any other year in my life.  It started about the same time that I feel that I discovered the exact 1260-day time frame for the Great Tribulation, and the rule of the Antichrist, who is Barack Hussein Obama.  The timing for my attacks is probably not a coincidence.
I am convinced that this 3 and one-half year period of Great Tribulation, whose days are numbered several times in the Word of God, will commence on Apr. 11th of 2018, and will culminate on Day 1 of Feast of Tabernacles, Sept. 21, 2021.  This 1260-day reign of the Antichrist will be followed by one year set aside for the Wrath of God.  This will be followed by the Millennial Reign of Christ, which should begin on Hanukkah Eve, the twenty-fourth day of Kislev (Haggai 2), in 2022.
There is an abundance of proof for this time frame, which I will be presenting to you in future posts.  It is absolutely amazing how all of the puzzle pieces fit together perfectly, using this time frame.  In my opinion, this 1260-day time period is as close to a slam-dunk as you can get.  However, the Rapture/SD date is not set in stone.  By far, the most likely date, in my opinion, for the Firstfruits Rapture is Feast of Firstfruits, Apr. 6--7, 2018, just 5 days before the Great Tribulation actually starts.  
There are some other very intriguing dates for the Rapture to possibly take place, all within the above time frame.  The first is the Biblical date of the 17th day of the 2nd month on the Jewish calendar, the day of the year the Great Flood started, in Noah's time, which would be Nov. 6th of this year.  As in the Days of Noah...
The next intriguing possibility would be Hanukkah Eve, on the 24th of Kislev, which this year would be Dec. 12th.  You can read about this future Battle of Gog and Magog of Ezekiel  39--39, World War 3, in Haggai 2.  It is entirely possible that this much-written about Biblical event, will be the Sudden Destruction event that will produce the Rapture.
Both Nov. 6th and Dec. 12th are arrived at using the Word of God, and both dates qualify, according to my interpretation of Gen. 45, which clearly shows us that Jesus cannot reveal himself to his brethren, in the form of the Rapture, until we are at least 2 years into the Famine Week.  I am convinced that the Final 7 Years began on 11/11/15, the season when the blood red moons culminated.  If we add two Jewish years to that date, we arrive at 11/1/17.  This, in my opinion, is the earliest date for the Rapture to take place.  This is why, I have felt strongly that Sept.-Oct. of this year would not be the time of the Rapture.
The reason why neither of these dates of Nov. 6th, or Dec. 12th, is the most likely time of the Rapture/Sudden Destruction is because both dates leave too big of a time gap before the start of the 1260-day reign of the Antichrist on Apr. 11, 2018, in my opinion. A five-day gap is a much more likely time gap to the start of the Great Tribulation.  Massive nuclear destruction, confusion, extreme fear, and chaos, will be taking place all over the world, both because of the nuclear Sudden Destruction of 1st Thess. 5, and the disappearance of millions of people (1st Thess. 4).  The NWO elite and Obama will be poised to take over the world, by enacting their evil, and diabolical, one-world government.  It should only take a few short days for this to happen.  April 11, 2018, is the absolute perfect day, as I will be writing about in a post soon.
There is one other possible Rapture date that I find very intriguing.  That is the Feast of Pentecost on May 20, 2018.   Pentecost and Trumpets have been the two Feasts that cause the most expectation in the hearts of most believers every year.  Enoch was said to have been born on Pentecost, and Raptured on Pentecost.  The other interesting fact is that the Great Sign in the Heavens event of the total solar eclipse, causing darkness over a path covering the entire continental U.S., MAY have been the Conception event for the Rapture/Sudden Destruction, nine months later.  This sign of God's coming judgment took place on Aug. 21, 2017.  EXACTLY 9 months later is Feast of Pentecost, May 20, 2018.
This would put the Rapture/SD a few weeks AFTER the start of the Great Tribulation, which is a position that I do not really prescribe to.  But could there be a Firstfruits Rapture on Feast of Firstfruits and then the Main Harvest Rapture on Feast of Pentecost, both in 2018???  Just food for thought, and not a conclusion.  But the Rapture, or Raptures, are a harvest of souls, and both Firstfruits, and Pentecost, are harvest Feasts.
PLEASE do not be discouraged because there was no Rapture during the Fall Feasts days this year.  I have been saying for years that the Fall Feasts will all be fulfilled in one year, the year of the literal 2nd Coming of Christ to earth.  There is plenty of evidence that the REAL Rapture time frame is NOT ending, but just beginning.  It may be a few more days, or weeks, or short months, but we must remember that JESUS SAID WE COULD KNOW WHEN HIS RETURN WAS NEAR, EVEN AT THE DOOR!!! 
This a time when our expectation levels should be raised HIGHER THAN EVER BEFORE, and not lowered.  If you will read my upcoming posts prayerfully, and carefully, I am convinced that you will be as excited, and full of expectation, as I am, that our Lords' Coming is, indeed, AT THE DOOR!  JESUS, OUR LORD AND OUR SAVIOUR, IS ABOUT TO COME FOR HIS BRIDE!  BE READY!
Ron Reese