Rene (29 Oct 2017)

Evangelist Phillips Etene, from Nigeria, was told by God on 7-1-17 (read left to right or right to left, same date!) that Heaven's calendar for the earth is ending with the rapture in 2017 and to tell the saints to get ready for the rapture. He also said that many believers would be left behind because of their sinful life styles. That they need to REPENT! He said the devil's calendar for the earth begins in 2018. His youtube channel is MessengerTV21. He has been to heaven 2 different times.  Also, Pastor Sandy Armstrong was told by God in 2003 that the last 7 years of this age will be 2010-2017 and to preach that to the world, though it would be an unpopular message. Neither men were told the month, hour, or the day, just the year. Pastor Sandy's youtube channel is Soldier's For Christ. These are very exciting messages. Be encouraged Doves!