Neil Lipken (29 Oct 2017)
"A point about Nov 4th riot plans."

In the 1980's Dimitru Duduman had visions of a future time in which there was fighting between factions WITHIN the United States.   At that time the United States was attacked from without (missiles coming in), and the Rapture happened.


P.S.   Dimitru Duduman was a Romanian pastor who smuggled Bibles into the then Soviet Union.   He was imprisoned for a period of time there before coming to the U.S. where he spent his final years.

P.P.S.   Whether there is anything to what is written below I do not know, but I do know that NOVEMBER on the 20th Century timeline was quite important (1917, 1947, 1977), and 2017 on the 20th-21st Century timeline is extremely interesting.

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Date: Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 12:08 AM
Subject: A point about Nov 4th riot plans.

I just wanted to state a point that should be obvious to everyone about Nov 4th riot plans.

If WE know about it, than Trump with is 17+ Intelligence agencies should know about it too.  In fact, I would say it would be a total dereliction of our President's duties, if WE THE PEOPLE KNOW ABOUT IT, and he does not.

So I am assuming Trump is all over this.....and perhaps that is WHY in prior months he gave police military style weapons.  Many people went bananas over that decision, but I am assuming Trump made that sound decision given the left wing loonies and their plans for a communist revolution on or about Nov 4th.....Vegas shooting supposedly being the first shot across the bow.

THIS is what we pay TAXES for!   To protect us against all enemies foreign AND DOMESTIC!!!

I have total confidence that Trump has foreknowledge of these communists who want to ruin our nation, and he has plans in place to protect us.

That does not mean that any of us should do anything reckless in the coming days.  Stay safe.  Take appropriate precautions.  But know that Trump will have the situation under control. 

He may let some riots take place,....... just to know who to arrest.

So, stay safe, be wise, and pray for our nation and for Trump.

I will keep reporting what about this, ALWAYS KEEP THE ABOVE IN MIND.

God Bless You.

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