Fay (29 Oct 2017)
"Deep Musings"

John and Doves,

After this despicable debacle in Las Vegas, I find myself really mulling over the strategy of evil. Evil does have a strategy, but... being evil, it's messy, chaotic, ill-planned and obviously contrived. It's in-your-face, false flag, nut case vomitorium. This has been obvious since the JFK assassination (before my adult time but still a hot topic as I grew  - same as Marilyn Monroe) These things stuck in the minds of the adults around me. Now, I realise it is because there were never any clear cut answers and most people smelled a rat... even then. They were too trusting in government to make a stink about it but they were uneasy. There was no closure.

Labelled "conspiracy theorists", people have been desperately searching for answers. Trying to tie in dates and numbers. And, the numbers do tend to work. Bizarrely enough. I won't bang on with all the dates but will give a prime example of 9.11.2001. You can work those numbers to fully comply with Free Masonry. At first, I was a bit leery of all the number crunching but it does seem to be evil's limitation. They have to perform certain rituals, on certain dates and it seems that they are required to manipulate human sacrifices. For example, the Las Vegas massacre happened on 10.1.2017. 2017 adds up to 10 which reduces to a number 1. Hence - the date was 1.1.1. Please bear with me here, before you start eye rolling. This happened the day after Yom Kippur. But, what has really caught my attention is the sheer clumsiness. The official story keeps changing. There is no way there was only one gunman.  The prime witness disappeared and then reappeared, on (of all platforms) - the Ellen DeGeneres Show. Say what?? How come the prime witness appeared on a fluffy talk show? This is insulting to the intelligence of the people. Majorly, utterly insulting. Have a read of the link below. It will infuriate you. AND open your eyes.

We have to be canny and courageous. Evil is limited. Clumsy as hell. Evil is also losing credibility. Almighty God is in charge....therefore evil cannot cover it's tracks entirely. Hence, the ongoing questions re 9/11, JFK, Benghazi, Sandy Hook, the so-called Russian collusion etc., etc.

Evil wants a global community in order to take control of all nations. Brexit was voted for but evil keeps stalling the signing off. It is SO TIRESOME. Enough already. The un-elected President of the E.U. is a total drunkard named Juncker. An IDIOT of the first order. So here we sit in the UK - ploughing our way through endless media articles as to why Brexit hasn't been signed off yet. The powers that be are stalling, stalling, stalling. Public patience seems to know no bounds!! It's the same with the crock of bilge called Obamacare in the USA. It's rubbish. It's expensive. It's everything Obama promised it would NOT be. Yet - we are still compliant.

This is going to take a lot of prayer. I trust Almighty God implicitly but do wonder if we are meant to be more proactive. After all - it's no longer conspiracy to state that mainstream media are bald-faced liars. It's FACT. It is no longer conspiracy to know without doubt that Killary Clinton is an evil, greedy liar. It's FACT. Yet - even with Trump in charge - there is no closure. Are we meant to know all this without acting? Or attempting to act? Or is it simply the process of everything being revealed, as per scripture? In Luke 8:17, we are told...." For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open".

Authorities Are Now Refusing To Release Any New Information About The Las Vegas Massacre – FBI Says “It Doesn’t Matter”