DP (29 Oct 2017)


It is with regret that I am often reading on the Doves that some no longer believe in a pre-tribulation rapture.

Without going into extreme detail, I can tell you that there is a Pre-Tribulation Rapture and that those who no longer believe in it are not accurate.

In Revelation Jesus says ''because you have kept the word of my patience, I will Keep you from the HOUR of trial that is to come on the entire world ................''

Some have known for some time that a correct exegesis of II Thes. chapter 2 shows that the man of sin will not be revealed until ''the departure'' takes place.

Paul explained that by saying ''Now you know (based on what he had just said), what/who restrains him.......that he may be revealed in HIS Time''.......MEANING NOT in Our time/ the church time. We are not ''looking for the appearance of the anti-chirst'' but the glorious appearance of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Some even think The Tribulation has started and ''we are in it''......but I tell you that is not true.

We are ''kept from the Hour'' and the ''time of darkness''.....because we are Not OF the darkness........as Paul wrote in I Thes 4.

The pre-tribulation rapture comes as a Thief in the Night.  The Bright and Morning Star ''arises in our hearts'' before ''that day'' starts.

LET no person deceive you brethren. The blessed Hope is the Better Resurrection that Paul strove for......and I counsel you to not be moved by those who say or write otherwise.