Jan J (26 Oct 2014)
"To Denis & All - Imminence"


Your letter shared with the Doves, strikes a strong chord within my spirit regarding the imminence of the Rapture.
Along with what I said to Charles in the current post, I also agree with you.  Lately I have felt that the Rapture is very very close, the Imminence, if you will.
I love Bible numerology. In ancient Chinese numerology, 11 is very important as is 22. They are both 'power' numbers in their interpretations.   The only numerology I focus on is Bible numbers...
and so I read what you said about the 1's and 11's and 11:11's with keen interest.  Of course the single number One (1) speaks volumes...
Unity...Oneness.    My father was an only (1) child. His birthday was
New Year's Day........1-1.   He died Oct. 10.  - 10-10 or if you remove the zeros....1-1.  Yes, November (11) should have some interesting points in it!
Clarification:  I agree that the Lord wants us to study the signs AND dates regarding His return........with such excitement at the thought of
that grand day, how could we not!? We may get some great ideas on it as is shown time and again on the Dove site. However, the bottom line, certainty of it, still belongs to God....and Jesus made that clear.
Thanks for sharing what you have.  Very good input!