Charles Holler (26 Oct 2014)
"Pastor Bob's Heptadic design/ KJV poll/Frank Molver"

Greetings John and Doves,
     I know this thread is quickly coming to an end and I hope I made it. I know John has agreed to end per Frank Molver's appropriate request.

1. I would hope we honor Pastor Bob's request for a poll on the Doves favorite version.

2. There has been some strife in the debate of the KJV and we will find this passion with the important topics, IE OSAS, Rapture timing, Speaking in tongues, Baptisms, and so on. The important thing here is to set aside our egos about what version is right and look at what a great tool for reaching the lost we have in showing (especially to the intellectuals) the Bible is written by God Himself. The Heptadic design shows that even with computers we can not create a document of this size with a Heptadic design. Once they have to accept the Bible as Gods Word then The Bible itself will do the rest. I used to use the ELS codes to do this but for reasons to lengthy for this post, I don't use them as a witnessing tool any longer, but this Heptadic design is Awesome.

3. In closing I would like to respond to Pastors Bobs request from *Can I get a witness?* and give my two cents about what version I prefer. I do prefer the KJV and especially in my intimate times with The Lord. I do read others for different reasons, sometimes to see how it flows in other versions and the NIV is one. I do check it against the KJV if there's a difference, but I enjoy the NIV and especially when reading Proverbs.

4. Let's show the world in these finals moments how they can tell we are Christians..........because we Love one another.

Charles Holler Sr