TH (29 Oct 2013)


The other day I saw a commonly asked ( if not at least thought) question
posted on another site (RITA) that a lot of us DOVES also often must
ask ourselves and that is: Is there a possibility of a "partial rapture"?
This question was posed due to a teaching by Perry Stone who, for the
most part, I find pretty much spot-on with what we DOVES adhere to.
I must admit that I , also, have had this question in mind for awhile.  So I
penned (typed) a few Scriptural understandings that could relate to
the answer or may in fact lead to more questions themselves. I put these
on a note to send into RITA but found no Email means of doing so
without jumping through a lot of "hoops" to get there.  Not being very
computer savvy, there may be a way but it was beyond my abilities. So
I have posted it here knowing that many of the RITA folks also read
DOVES and so it may reach those on that site who were seeking opinions
on the question.  You can go to RITA yourself and read what their "MODS"
wrote as a reply, giving their thoughts on the issue. Whether you agree
with them or not isn't the point.  We all have to answer this for ourselves
in that we all have acquaintances and loved ones we are concerned about
that the answer to the question might be meaningful to.   So what I wrote
is posted below for your is an interesting question indeed!


John,  sorry for the gap.  Maybe you can close it up.  Thanks,  T
              (computer handicapped)

               Partial  Rapture ?

Hello folks,  (Mods?)

I'm not a "logged on" person, but read and enjoy the postings listed on
RITA.  I too am a Pre-Trib Rapture believer and have been for a long
time.  I read a recently posted question about Perry Stone teaching
on a "partial rapture".   I cannot speak for Perry on this issue, but
generally find his teachings on other topics to be spot-on.  The posted
responses to this question by "Mods" was in disagreement to a partial
rapture.  Not knowing exactly what Perry was defining as "partial" it
would be hard to take issue with it until it was fully explained.  However
I have a question I have always wondered about and that is: Will believers
NOT looking for HIS return be raptured along with those who are?
Wouldn't those NOT LOOKING for HIS return be surprised by it ?
Doesn't Christ himself admonish believers to be "watching for my return"
and warn those who may not be watching, thereby indicating there would
consequences for not doing so?  What would those consequences be?
Surely regret of some sort. HE seems to imply that they would be Great.
Great enough to "miss" the rapture? Would these folks be left to their
fate for lack of "loving HIS return"or would they be given a second chance
at a rapture a bit later? Is it just a promised "Crown" that differentiates
watchers and non-watchers?  Jesus seems to imply the consequences
for not watching will be greater than just not receiving an "additional"
Crown don't you think? What happened to the servant who was surprised
by his master's unexpected early return? Pretty "harsh treatment, no?
So what do YOU believe will happen to those NOT watching? Don't you
folks on RITA feel yourselves to be apart from those not watching? 
You are you know, Jesus said so.  It's those "other" folks I'm worried about.

           MARANATHA !