Luis Vega (4 Oct 2013)
"The Doomsday Pyramid Clock - Hidden Encrypted Year Countdown to 2022"


Hampton Palace: The Doomsday Pyramid Clock
Hidden Encrypted Year Countdown to 2022
The Last 7-Year Time Span & the Return of Planet X

by Luis B. Vega
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And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the Earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; men’s hearts will fail them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the Earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.’ – Luke 21:25

The purpose of this study is to particularly examine and decipher an apparent hidden ‘code of years’ in Earth’s longitude. These degrees of longitude pertain to the pyramid that is configured on the grounds of the Hampton Court Palace west of London. An accompanied online chart will attempt to illustrate this pyramid as configured from an aerial view perspective.

Based on the evidence examined, this study postulates that the certain key degrees of longitude have been incorporated into the very design of this pyramid; from the base to its apex and beyond. Each longitude degree reading starts from the base of the pyramid and specifically corresponds to a year in time. This assertion is taken solely based on the value of 1) the degree and 2) the minute readings of this pyramid’s longitude west of the Prime Meridian.

The illustrated online chart, that accompanies this study, will reveal that in fact, these specific longitude-to-year intervals have been marked out by design to formulate a timeline and thus a ‘countdown’. The longitude at the base of this Hampton Pyramid begins with 19 degrees 06 minutes or the year 1906. At the other end of the pyramid, just outside the Palace at the western entrance, the longitude corresponds to 20 degrees, 22 minutes or the year 2022.

What this timeline is possibly signaling then is a countdown to the year 2022 specifically. What is or will be significant about the year 2022? Could this year ‘countdown’ possibly be correlated to a ‘Doomsday’ or an end of a time sequence? It could correspond to the time when this present Age is to come to a close, or as in a ‘doomsday’ coming upon Earth that the Bible and many other extra-Biblical sources predict it will happen. The possible implications of this Doomsday Pyramid timeline does corroborate with Biblical and extra-Biblical prophecies.

Many scholars have come up with End-of-Days timelines that match this ‘Doomsday Pyramid’ year countdown pattern. Some Biblical timetables, for example, put Christ’s 2nd Coming in 2022. With the ever increasing heavenly signs and wonders presently occurring on Earth and the heavens, it just might be plausible that, according to Jesus’ predictions, this last generation would be entering the most horrific time in human history with a countdown to ‘Doomsday’.

Christ did describe the end of the Age, just before His 2nd Coming, in terms of a ‘Doomsday’ scenario. He used apocalyptic language to describe it as a time of His coming Wrath when calamities and perplexities would be occurring on Earth as a woman in birth-pangs.

This would be due to His righteous judgment upon a wicked and perverse generation; of a Christ rejecting generation. Moreover, this coming judgment of Christ, or Wrath of the Lamb as the Book of Revelation depicts it, upon the world would be to the point that men’s hearts would fail them. This would be because of the coming celestial signs in the heavens that would be so ominous and frightening accompanying Christ’s divine judgment.

It would be such a time when even all the illuminati that will be hunkered down in their Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) will call upon the mountains to fall on them before succumbing to the Wrath of the Lamb to come. What could do such that? There are regularly scheduled series of lunar and solar eclipses, asteroids and meteor showers that occur all the time or hit the Earth. What could possibly be so ominous and frightening that will cause men and women to have heart attacks by what they see coming up in the sky? 

The Horned Planet of the Crossing
In terms of some coming celestial signs, most notably, the Tetrad of 2014-2015 does echo the description of Joel 2 in that the ‘Moon would be turned to blood’ and that the ‘Sun would turn to sackcloth’ before the Day of the LORD or 2nd Coming of Jesus Christ back to Earth. But what is fascinating to consider is that this ‘Doomsday Pyramid’ not only is counting down to the year 2022 but it is also counting down to the ominous and frightening spherical object depicted next to the Hampton Pyramid 2015 year marker alignment. On note, 20 degrees, 15 minutes is the official longitude designation for the Palace.

Based on the year countdown and geometric configuration, this Doomsday Pyramid is associated with the spectacular notion of Planet X. Thus this study further postulates, that in fact, the Diana Fountain north of the Palace does depict the coming giant celestial red Planet -or the binary Sun, Planet X. There is much debate as to its existence, but the Doomsday Pyramid actually alludes to this coming event. This phenomena matches up during the year that many who study this subject of Planet x or Nibiru predict that the giant red dwarf will be coming around our inner Solar System, in the year 2015.

The online chart will attempt to illustrate that in fact, the Diana Fountain north of the Palace is the depiction of this very ‘Horned Red Planet or the 2nd binary Sun. The ground configuration uses roads to bring out this feature. It is also at a cross intersection. This befits the exact description that goes back millennia of how ancient civilizations called it the ‘the Horned Planet of the Crossing’. What is interesting is that the fountain center corresponds to the year 2015 on the Pyramid timeline countdown. Is this the year in which this object will be visible to the naked eye or its effects will be experienced on Earth as the Book of Revelation depicts?

Many who have studies this phenomenon of Planet X have provided some models of its coming trajectory. IF in fact 2022 then is the ‘Doomsday’ year, then 7 years prior to that would be 2015, which happens to be when Planet X comes around –according to the line-up of this Pyramid Time Clock. They also imply that the worldwide coming catastrophes from this encounter with the 2nd Sun will directly match all the Seal, Trumpet and Bowl judgments that are coming upon the Earth as described in the Book of Revelation. This 7-Year time span would also line up with what most who subscribe to a 7-Year Pre-Tribulation Period believe is the correct interpretation of Daniel 9:27 that involves the last prophetic Week of Years.

Many are convinced that Planet X does exist despite ether a conspiracy or a cover-up. Such coming divine judgments by way of this phenomena will result in human, geological, and celestial upheaval nonetheless. They will be to the horrific degree that billions will parish from the Earth. This will be due to solar flares, droughts, famines, nuclear war, asteroids etc., that will strike the Planet. IF such a timeline decoded from this Hampton Pyramid is set to occur, then within these ‘last’ 7 years, all these catastrophes and calamities will occur. All these celestial occurrences or prophetic judgments could be explained by having such a gigantic Horned Red Dwarf 2nd Sun in proximity to Earth or the inner Solar System.

Some Interesting Fountain Measurements
From the center of Fountain to the water’s edge or radius = 333 ft
Heading of East-West axis: 280°
Heading of North-South axis: 9°
Diameter in Nautical Miles: .9
>From ‘horn to horn’ on the North-South axis:
.13 Nautical Miles
9,666 inches
7,777 diameter
144 Smoots

Hampton Court Palace
Many believe that the Hampton Palace is haunted with the spirit of King Henry the 8th who first started to build the royal residence. Hampton court Palace is officially a residence of the British Royals but it has not been occupied by them since the 18th century, but specifically, 1776. This is tied to the 1776 Declaration of Independence of the American British colonies. At this point, a switch occurred within the illuminati and their World Order. Literally, a ‘New World’ Order occurred in the New World of the Americas. From that time on, a center of illuminati power center shifted from England to the newly formed Constitutional Republic of the USA. Now in this last 13-Year cycle since then, the pendulum will be swinging back to Europe’s center of illuminati power.

The Palace is surrounding in mystery and luciferian occultic grids and lay-lines. For example, it is exactly 18.8 km (188) from Charing Cross. Many have discovered that the 188 Day cycle has relevance in the stations of the seasons and certain ‘Ley-lines of Death’ around the globe. What is significant about Charing Cross is that it is considered to be the exact ‘center’ point or marker of London. Interestingly, the meaning of the word ‘charing’ comes from old English cierring meaning a curve or being crooked like a swastika.

The site is at the point where the Thames River does bend but there is more than just that connotation esoterically. You have here another hidden occultic marker of a ‘crooked cross’ as in a swastika that is anchored to the Hampton Palace itself. Of note, to the south of the Palace, there is a giant anchor garden configuration. Perhaps as anchors represent a locking on or surety of this timeline and countdown. It might also signify that as an anchor does, such dates that the timeline ‘Doomsday’ countdown depicts are sure to occur.

As the Earth is round, it is divided into 365 degrees like a circle. Each degree is divided into 60 minutes, each minute into 60 seconds. These are units of measurement but not necessarily used for time measurement. But for this study & illustration,  the longitude readings will correlate to a unit of time. It will consider the longitude WEST of the Prime Meridian as correlating to corresponding time of year from the base of the Hampton Court Palace Pyramid.

The official longitude reading of the Hampton Court Palace is given at: 51°24′12″N 0°20′15″W. In other words, what this study postulates is that the numerical values of the degrees west of the Prime Meridian correspond to a year date by degree. Thus 20’15” = 2015.

51°24′12″N 0°20′15″W
Means 51 degrees 24 minutes 13 seconds NORTH of Equator
Means 0 degrees 20 minutes 15 seconds WEST of Prime Meridian.
° = Degrees
 = Minutes
 = Seconds

The angle of the Hampton Pyramid has the classic equidistant 60 degrees. A 60-60-60 or 666 pattern. This Pyramid also follows the classic rendition of the Masonic All-Seeing Eye truncated pyramid. This countdown ends at 2022 with a marker in the entrance to the Westside of the Palace, as if though the time markers have fulfilled their designations and there is no more timeline. From this point the road goes out at a 120 degree from due West with a 303.33 heading. This then is a code that the top of the Hampton Pyramid has another pyramid encoded within these last year cycles. Interestingly, the Great Pyramid of Giza matches perfectly when superimposed onto the last 13 remaining longitudinal degrees.

The Countdowns

To reiterate, the online chart accompanying this study will show the outlines of the various configurations of the Hampton Court Doomsday Pyramid. The measurements will be taken from the base of the pyramid using satellite GPS coordinates from Google Earth. What is the key factor in this apparent correlation of longitude is that the degrees West of the Prime Meridian, which is marked off from the Royal Observatory, correlate to years in time.

Such degrees of arc from the Earth are not usually taking into account as factors of time, but for the purposes of this investigation, it is exactly what is presumed; that the time and place of this location was deliberately positioned for this very purpose. The Purpose? To map-out and mark the time of the End of this Age; a ‘Doomsday countdown’.

>From this Pyramid base reference point of 19 degrees 06 minutes or 1906 year, the time markers of the successive longitude degrees increase in value as one goes up the pyramid or heading due West. There are several patterns of specifically 13 year segments that are evident within the timeline. There are 3 sets of 13 years in particular that start in 1943. There is also 13 years from 1906, the base of the Pyramid to 1919, when the illuminate NWO League of Nations was founded.

There is also 13 years from 1932 to 1945, the start of WW II to the founding of the 2nd NWO United Nations. When will the 3rd one occur? Will it be the last? Mathematically, the years 1919 and 1945 are in phi ratio, making the 3rd possible point in the year 2022. This will remain to be seen. As to the NWO pattern, each attempt at world governance by the luciferian illuminati has been established right after their planned and executed World War. Will the 3rd attempt at world governance be after a 3rd World War? Of note, the year 2015 would be the 70th anniversary of the United Nations and it would constitute a Biblical generation.

The Pyramid & Coming Prince
If you consider some aspects of the Pyramid timeline, in terms of purely numerical mathematics, there are some rather fascinating correlations. From the Pyramid base to its ‘Eye’ apex is 1260 yards or .72 miles. In a Biblical inference, 1260 is 3.5 prophetic years that the AntiChrist is to have full power and control over the world.

The Doomsday Pyramid stands at a 99 degree inclination from due West. There are exactly 99 years form the base of this Doomsday Pyramid to the ‘Eye’ of lucifer at its apex, (2005 - 1906). Many believe that this countdown is Biblically prophetic and will coincide with the prophecy of Daniel in that there will be a time period, although very short, some say 7 years, others 3.5, that will culminate in a ‘Doomsday’ judgment.

If one were to take 2022 and subtract the last 3 sets of 13 year cycles, the tally of 40 years would result (last year inclusive). Also the last 13 year cycle would overlap but in principle, you would have 1982 as a pivotal year related to 2022 then. You would have 2022 - 40 years = 1982. If someone were to have been born in the year 1982, the age would be 33 years old by 2015. Many believe that the coming AntiChrist or world ruler of lucifer’s New Age or Order will mimic Jesus Christ’s age and all 3 entities will debut in that year, the AntiChrist, the New Age and Planet X. This is the exact year again when the longitude-to-year mark on the Doomsday Pyramid of Hampton Court Palace corresponds to the gigantic orb or circular horned disk. Both are described in the Bible as being the Red Dragon, the Serpent, the Devil, the Horned One, lucifer, etc.

To commemorate this ‘Coming Prince’, an outstretch human body is superimposed onto the Doomsday Pyramid. It is positioned at the apex of the Pyramid where the prominent ‘Eye’ of lucifer is configured. This area just east of the Palace itself thus depicts this ‘anthropomorphic man’ –Lord of the Pyramid without stretched arms that has the Palace proper itself as the head. It is from this reference point and time marker that the detail of the remaining 13 years comes into focus (2009-2022). The Palace buildings themselves serve as delimitations of longitude, or years due to their very architectural lines. They are positioned by design within the very last stretch of time remaining according to the ‘Doomsday’ countdown pattern.

The Countdown
The Hampton Court Palace Pyramid does appear to configure a time clock or perhaps as some would see it as a ‘Doomsday Pyramid’ with a ‘countdown’ to the year 2022. This study has only sought to examine the pattern that might be prophetically significant given a Biblical context of interpreting the end of this Age. Some in the occultic realm perhaps have secret foresight as to this ‘timeline countdown’ and of the coming calamities; perhaps even Planet X.

Such secret societies like the illuminati, masons, etc., have been given ‘secret information’ by their fallen angelic demons they worships but in has been at the exchange for their eternal souls. The Bible, on the other hand, has freely and openly given humanity Divine Revelation from GOD’s own Word, of how the ‘timeline’ will end. One can find this out by reading the last Book of the Bible, the Revelation of Jesus Christ. It is actually the LORD, YHWH King of the Universe and of all creation that is the very One that made and controls ‘time’. It is He, Jesus Christ whom has now all authority and power and has the final ‘countdown’.

Many in the occult are of the persuasion that nonetheless 2016 will be the Year of Light, 5776 in Jewish reckoning, when their long awaited Prometheus Prince will be coming. They have placed their faith, hope and devotion to such a ‘messiah’. They believe that he will come down from the heavens to have humanity partake of his divine ‘light of illumination’ and wisdom. This would be what the Bible, to the contrary, tells of the AntiChrist that he will bring to the world in the Last Days a false light. He will be the cause of having all of humanity delve into the darkest period of its history – a ‘Doomsday’ judgment instead.

This will occur, according to the Bible, because it will be the time of judgment by Christ of him and the world he rules. It will be accompanied by the divine Wrath of the Lamb in conjunction with celestial calamities as described in the Book of Revelation; stars falling from the sky, the seas drying up, the Sun scorching humans with intense heat etc. Jesus Christ, the true Light Bearer and true ‘Light of the World’ stated that if it were not for Him intervening to stop this Prometheus Prince, there would be no flesh left alive on Planet Earth.

Those followers of the true Prince of Peace, Jesus Christ do also await a ‘countdown’ to His soon return as the conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. There is a countdown in place particularly awaiting the followers of Christ, that of the Blessed Hope, of the Resurrection and Rapture of the Body of Christ, the all- encompassing ‘Bride of Christ’. The LORD, in the meanwhile, the Host of Heaven has likewise given His Church clues and a ‘timeline’ of when that season will approach; it is called the Bible, the Word of God. For one, He gave specifically instructions in many places in the Book to be looking at celestial signs in the heavens as ‘bench-marks’ to go off of.

We are entering this time now when the Book of Revelation will be fulfilled literally. It will be ‘Doomsday’ or the ‘sudden destruction’ for an un-repentant of the world while at the same time, it will be the ‘Blessed Hope’ for the Redeemed of Jesus Christ. Doomsday is Coming, the countdown to the last stage in the Hampton Court ‘Doomsday’ Pyramid is about to begin. Which countdown scenario are you looking forward to?


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