Rene (20 Oct 2012)
"re: Carol Garza - Jonathen Kleck and fallen angels"

Jonathan is not saying that we are ALL FALLEN ANGELS. He is saying we are like them because we have TWO natures, a DUAL nature. The Bible speaks of this dual nature all through the New Testament. Read it for yourself. Paul even laments the fact that his body of sin and death does not do what he wants it to do, but what he does not want it to do. He said "O wretched man that I am," and realized that only God could deliver him from this body of sin and death.
Right before the flood, angels did come down and have relations with HUMAN women and the women bore giants. Jonathan says that the seed of the human race was corrupted due to this mixing of 2 different DNAs, however, we already had "bad seed," because we inherited ADAM's DNA! This just made everything worse!  This is why Jesus said "Ye must be born again." We inherited Adam's sinful nature and later, our DNA was also mixed (some of it) with fallen angels. The thing I disagree with re Jonathan is that I don't believe the mixing of the DNA of the fallen angels with humans (which IS what happened) corrupted the entire human race. We ALREADY had Adam's fallen nature, so even if the angels had not had relations with human women, we would still have needed redemption. I believe that Noah's seed was not corrupted with the DNA of the fallen angels and this is why God chose him and his sons to go on the ARK and start a new race where the seed was NOT corrupted by the DNA of the fallen angels --- and that the seed that came up through David and eventually the bloodline of Joseph (husband of Mary) was not corrupted with the DNA of fallen angels. Now, we know that Jesus' blood was NOT from Joseph, it was divine, pure blood from the FATHER who overshadowed Mary via the Holy Spirit so that Jesus was conceived. His blood came from God Himself! I believe that the DNA from those fallen angels who left their first estate and mingled with human women did corrupt part of the human race, because after the flood, they appeared again and we know that in these last days, they are busy once again co-mingling with human women! How much of that race is corrupted, we have no way of knowing - only God knows. The devil has always been trying to corrupt the SEED of the woman because that is where the promise of the Messiah would come. But, women don't carry the "seed", they carry the egg. The seed came from God Himself. Jesus had God's DNA, not ours! Jesus did not inherit the curse of sin that came through ADAM. That is why he is called the SECOND ADAM! 
I think that the only thing Jonathan has wrong is that he sees the ENTIRE human race as corrupted with the DNA of the fallen angels. Well, as stated earlier, we already inherited our sinful nature from Adam and needed redemption. The angels who co-mingled with the human women and had offspring did not corrupt the entire human race with the DNA of fallen angels. We were already in hot water before that happened! We already needed redemption because of the sin of Adam & Eve, so we already had "bad blood," or bad DNA that we got from our father, Adam.  Do you and I have some DNA that came from those angels? Only God can answer that question. Only HE knows what our genetic make-up is. Remember though that Jesus called Judas a devil. That is an ominous statement implying that Judas had the devil's DNA.
I have heard some theologians express the belief that Cain was an offspring of Eve having relations with the serpent (fallen angel), because Cain is described as being from that wicked one. Only God Himself knows who is truly fully human and capable of being redeemed by his blood and who (among us) is so polluted with the DNA of the devil that they are not capable of being redeemed. I have read testimonies of women who were involved in Satan worship who claim that the devil impregnated them. This is no fable. When the UFO beings come down what are they most interested in? They are interested in the SEED of humans and in BLOOD and WATER! They extract sperm from men and eggs from their female victims!
Think about that for several minutes and let it sink in! They are creating true HYBRIDS, fallen creatures that can never be redeemed.  Bill Schnoebelen has several U tube videos and he was deeply involved in the world of the occult. He wrote a book about it that I read many years ago. I am saying all that to say this - when it comes to Jonathan Kleck, don't throw out the baby with the bath water. Jonathan is onto something, but he only has part of the picture. That's how God is. He gives a little here, a little there to different people.  People are getting saved and born again reading his testimony and watching his videos.