Mike Plunkett (30 Oct 2012)
"PASSOVER..........3 days and 3 nights in the heart of the earth.......as JONAS was 3 days and 3 nights in the whales belly..........LANDS ON THE SABBATH......SATURDAY"

To all doves,
If the days begin at twilight or evening, then Passover begins at twilight Wednesday evening, count 72 hours EXACTLY from, say 8 PM to 8 PM, you come to SATURDAY at 8 PM.
Nisan 14........Wedensday evening to
Nisan 15........Thursday evening =      24 hours        Passover (A high Holy day or high Sabbath day)
Nisan 15........Thursday evening to
Nisan 16........Friday evening =            24 hours      Friday was a work day and things were readied for the seventh day sabbath,
                                                                            begins at twilight Friday evening.
Nisan 16........Friday evening to
Nisan 17........Saturday evening =       + 24 hours    Friday evening the seventh day sabbath begins. Jesus rose from the grave
                                                                             Saturday evening, EXACTLY 72 hours after being laid to rest.
                                                           72 hours
Jesus was crucified around 3 PM Wednesday afternoon and put in the tomb before the High holy day of PASSOVER began Wednesday evening. 72 hours later, he rose from the grave, Saturday evening, not SUNDAY! By Sunday morning, he was gone already.
Sunday is a PAGAN day of worship, instituted by Constantine of the Holy Roman Empire. He also changed the beginning of the days from evening to midnight. Thus he changed the laws and times established by God Almighty. Bunnies and eggs, first day of the week worship, the Goddess Ishtar, Pronounced EASTER, all Paganism!
All feed back wellcomed.
Mike P