Michele Kennedy (30 Oct 2012)
"FRANK I think the Mystery regarding the numbers 831 and 183 were about the BENGHAZI ATTACK!!!"

FRANK!  I believe the we have a picture in our 183 and 831 revelation numbers.

I am typing up a study on “BENGHAZI ATTACK” and realized after reading it over again, this is literally a prophetically warning about this attack!

The Military would takeover Benghazi and take out the Military governor there because of being no long USEFUL to the Administration.

And the word TRIPLE maybe a reference to TRIPOLI!!!

This could be also a reference to the yeast that the woman hid in THREE measures of meal till all was leavened. 

Isa 38:1

In those daysH3117 was HezekiahH2396 sickH2470 unto death.H4191 And IsaiahH3470 the prophetH5030 the sonH1121 of AmozH531 cameH935 unto him, and saidH559 unto him, Thus saithH559 the LORD,H3068 Set thine houseH1004 in order:H6680 for thou shalt die,H4191 and not live.H2421


Verse #: 18392   | From Est 2:7: 5660   | From Mal 4:6: 4753   | From End: 12710

   BCV: 23381    CV: 381

   HebGem = 4027


I see it more clearly now. This man rep. as Saul  and his sons, the 3 in the Consulate,  ALL NIGHT, and took  their  bodies from the WALL (protected place, a walled village) AND CAME TO JABESH AND BURNT (8313) THEM THERE.


This is the 1st mention for 381:

1Sam 31:12

All the valiantH2428 menH381 H376 arose,H6965 and wentH3212 all night,H3915 and tookH3947 the bodyH1472 of SaulH7586 and the bodiesH1472 of his sonsH1121 from the wallH2346 of Beth–shan,H1052 and cameH935 to Jabesh,H3003 and burntH8313 them there.

 Jabesh is DRY GROUND 


אישׁ־חי אישׁ־חיל

'îysh-chayil 'îysh-chay

{eesh-khah'-yil} eesh-khah'ee

From H376 and H2428 ; man of might ; (The second form is by defective transcription used in ); as if from H376 and H2416 ; living man ;
Ishchail (or {Ishchai }) an Israelite: - a valiant man.






From G303 and G681 ; to enkindle: - {kindle} light.

This is Amazing!





A primary verb; properly to fasten {to} that {is} (specifically) to set on fire: - {kindle} light.

This is what is happening now!  The events of Benghazi are now set on fire! 

 831 By Position:





From G5244 ; haughtiness: - pride.

Who was haugty and proud but Obama and Hillary Clinton.

And this last word by Position:





From H8281 abbreviated; freedom: - remnant.