Jovial (30 Oct 2012)
"The 3rd party debate on this list"

I've been surprised to hear people say they are voting 3rd party because Obama vs Romney is lesser of two evils.  But most people don't realize that the only reason they don't know anything negative about a lot of the 3rd party candidates is because the press ignores them.

I've heard some people on here say they are voting Constitution Party because Romney isn't conservative enough for them.  But they nominated a FORMER DEMOCRAT!!!  Virgil Goode was first elected to Congress as a Democrat, switched parties to GOP, then to Constitution party.  And if you think there's nothing negative about him, google up "MZM Scandle" and you will find different.  The Libertarian Party nominated someone pro-choice, pro-marijuana, but many conservatives will vote for him just because they have a beef with romney and HAVEN'T HEARD much about who they are voting for despite the fact they disagree with many of his stands.


We hear lots of negative stuff about the major party candidates because they come under heavy scrutiny.  Third party candidates don't.  So their down side doesn't make the press and they get to define themselves, unlike the major party candidates.


And I don't think ANY of the 3rd party candidates are on the ballot in enough states to win except Gary Johnson.  (He's on the ballot in 47 states.)  Even if you could get 100% of all voters to agree that we should cast a 3rd party vote to voice a protest against both major parties, it is mathematically impossible for ANY of them to win , not just because of a lack of confidence among possible voters, but because NONE of them are on the ballot in more than about 12 states.


You'll find stuff you disagree with in almost everyone.  It's a matter of picking who you like best.  To label someone as "evil" because there's an issue or two you disagree with or because of his religion is to focus WAY to heavily on the critical negative side of things.  Vote for who you like the best.