Joe Chappell (29 Oct 2012)
"B.G.Ellis video I will come against Dallas and Las Vegas"


Dear Doves,
A few years ago, I was thinking about two cities that were hit with disasters/attacks, with similar nick names. New York, is often called the Big Apple. This name goes back over 200 years, when New York was the capital city of America. A French courtisan named Eve, opened a house of ill repute, that was frequented by many of the members of Congress. She brought her ladies from Paris. It was called Eve's Apple. Later it became synonimous with the city of New York itself, hence the "Big Apple". It is said that Thomas Jefferson's son married one of the girls who worked there.
New Orleans, has a similar title, "The Big Easy "
which could allude to a number of things.
Both of these cities have suffered in recent years .....Katrina....911.
I have heard Las Vegas refered to as "Sin City" for years. "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" ...etc.
Does it stand to reason that perhaps Las Vegas is on the list for a reconing ?
I am not trying to say that either of these cities is more wicked than any other large city in America, they simply have a bigger reputation perhaps.
Maybe six or eight years ago, I  heard a prophecy that the city of Dallas , Texas would be "Underwater". That seemed a little far fetched at the time, as Dallas is 500 to 800 ft, above sea level, and considerable distance from the Gulf of Mexico, until, you remember the New Madrid Fault.
Doves, blessings, joechappell