Frank R Molver (23 Oct 2012)
"re fallen angels, Andrea, Carol, Kleck, hearing from God"

I am no expert on this but try to have an open mind in understanding this
I don't think these guys would think they have it all figured out.
But they certainly have some fascinating revelation which some of us appreciate
After all, Satan is very deceptive and it is cool when we get revelation
And yes, Satan does everything backwards, upside down and hidden
Those of us with an artistic eye like Jonathan are quite aware of this.
I don't think we are fallen angels but I do think they have infected the genetic line
And we certainly are deceived since a majority seem to have fallen
So you could say our minds and souls have been infected by them.
The virus is a good example.
Benjamin has had some interesting revelation too but you take what you can from us human vessels
Don't be so quick to use the false prophet tag and throw everything away
You may be judged the same.
We should not treat each other like that, we are all open vessels for the Lord to speak to us
Some just seem to be more speakable to.
Kind of like kids and hearing from God, they are more open
Kind of like God waking us up at night when we are not ready or not distracted
Hey dude, are you listening to me?
Oh, you talkn to me?
Yah you, wake up, I am trying to talk to you
But I can't see you.
No, but you heard me.