Frank R Molver (22 Oct 2012)
"Prophetic Humility, photo"

Proverbs 25:27
It’s not good to eat too much honey,
and it’s not good to seek honors for yourself.
It is a wonderful gift when God shows us something prophetic,
Dreams, visions, words of knowledge
But, they have their responsibilities and requirements.
Paul had great revelation, God did not want it to spoil so Paul received a thorn.
Without humility God's revelations are ruined.
Elijah was all jacked up when a 100 false prophets were destroyed
He ran 10 miles after that.
Then he ran into Ahab's wife, a witch.
A real alpha female you know what.
So Elijah ran away, he learned humility.
Almost 30 years ago I became a Christian
I had many powerful prophetic visions that I can still remember
They are evolving as we speak.
However, I did not have humility.
I and my family suffered for that religious spirit I acquired
My testimony suffered too.
When we receive revelation we must be very careful not to think we are the final authority.
God is not that small
We have been blessed to have many inspired people write here
We have our differences and are free to bring correction if needed in the right spirit
We are also free to bring revelation, we have experienced this over the years from many places.
It helps to have a good editor too, if you know what I mean.