Frank R Molver (20 Oct 2012)
"Carol re Kleck, Clay and fallen angels"
Not so fast there Carol
I think you need to again read this letter from Clay, who works with Jonathan
I think a problem here is being too quick to misjudge statements, thereby throwing everything away
These guys have come up with a lot more revelation then folded dollars
There has been some excellent revelation on Obama that also lines up with what others have had
It would be nice to have Clay's email re these issues
If Jonathan said a Hail Mary I am sure it was part of his humor
I am not saying these guys are perfect, ruff around the edges
But so are many of us here
Now as far as fallen angels not able to repent, you might consider Richard Wurmbrand
This is a book from Richard Wurmbrand
He is founder of Voice of the Martyr's
He was tortured severely for Christ for 14 years by Nazi's and Communists in Romania
In his book Prisoner for Christ he speaks of a very strange situation
After enduring severe torture for many years he asked his angel why he was so weak, why couldn't he protect him
He then saw his angel, which shocked him because of what he looked like, not angelic
The Angel told him that he was a fallen angel that had repented.
Imagine that.
Are angles that much different then us?
They obviously have a free will to make decisions, otherwise there would not have been a split
Since the great judgement hasn't happened yet, can they actually repent and break free from Satan?
I don't know, but I don't rule it out, especially after reading the above.
Think about this, did all the people before Christ go to hell?.
If so, why did Jesus descend?
He went to preach to the prisoners
Why would he do that if there was no hope for them?
Some people here think that there are no patriarchs before Christ's time that are in heaven.