Anthony Polenski (19 Oct 2012)
"Response to Bruce Baber"



I am writing this email in response to a prompting from the Lord. I want you to know that He is pleased with your desire to know Him and share His truth with others. The fact that someone came to the wrong conclusion does not mean that your efforts were in vain, or that you are a "crack pot" as you say.  Remember, most of the parables Jesus spoke were misunderstood, heck, when He said that people needed to eat his flesh and drink his blood, even some of his closest followers left.

When God commissions Ezekiel in chapters 2 and 3, he tells Ezekiel, go and speak to these people, yet they will not listen to you. Bruce, we do not control the response of others, only our obedience to declare the things that God has laid upon our hearts.

We live amongst a people that need to move from milk to meat. Do not be surprised if the meat of the word cannot be ingested by even those we love and respect.  Remember, many of those we are called to speak with have ears but cannot hear, and eyes, but cannot see. So too was I in days past.

As a former atheist and grateful believer who frequents 5 doves, your posts have often been the ones I will always read. You have tremendous insight into the Word and I have been hugely blessed by your writings. With regard to your post on parallels, you are spot on.

Satan always creates a counterfeit of what God intends to reveal as truth, so that when God reveals it, people will not believe. (i,e the Charasmatic movement) Now even solid Bible churches want to disregard the Holy Spirit and the gifts completely, because a group of people who have claimed to have these gifts, act in a way that is contrary to the truth of Scripture. Another example is  Replacement theology, which is a satanic deception where people call themselves Israel and operate in a very anti semitic way claiming that we the church "replace" Israel in Gods redemptive plan. When the truth is, we are "Israel" in the sense that we are "grafted in" to the commonwealth according to Romans 11 but when we try to explain this to someone, that we are Israel, and we love the Jewish people, they disregard it and call it replacement theology. Inclusion and replacement are two very different things. One leads to selfish oppression and entitlement, the other leads to grateful joy and compassion. (watch a teaching called Identity Crisis on youtube by Jim Staley that unpacks this even more; its incredible)

Do not lose heart or cease to seek him as you have been.  God wants you to know that he is pleased with your efforts Bruce.

Thank you for your obedience and all that you have shared here.

Your brother in Yeshua,


Anthony Polenski