Sherry Vance (31 Oct 2011)
"Question for Ron Reese regarding The FirstSeal Judgment"

Dear Ron;
You stated:  The 1st Seal Judgment, with the white horse rider, with the Antichrist, Obama, is well underway today.  The 2nd Seal should be next.
Question:  How is it that the Resurrection/Rapture has not yet happened and yet you say the 1st Seal is "well under way TODAY and the 2nd Seal should be next?
So that you know where I'm coming from with this question, let me explain that I believe Revelation 4 indicates the Resurrection/Rapture because it shows a door is opened in heaven, the scene is God on His throne, the Elders who represent all believers are seen before His throne giving honor and glory and casting their crowns (indicating the Bema Judgment where we are rewarded with crowns) has taken place; and following this scene (Revelation 5), we are still in the throne room when an angel hands Jesus the Scroll with which to begin the breaking of the Seals. After this (Revelation 6) the Seals begin to be opened.  So right away I see a discrepancy in the Seals being opened BEFORE we are in Heaven.
I believe there is a misunderstanding in your post of what the opening of Seal #1 shows.  Yes, the future antichrist is "here" but he is, as yet, "unrevealed."  He  already has a "seat of authority" (the Presidency of America/Mystery Babylon) so that he is "in position" when Satan is cast out of Heaven (in the midst of the "70th Week" - which we are approaching!) so that Satan can give him his God-granted authority to "continue" for 42 months of great tribulation.  And when Satan empowers him, he will exalt himself and commit the Abomination which will reveal him for what he is.  This is when the Jewish Remnant flees (see Matthew 24:15-21). 
But the fact that the as-yet-unrevealed-antichrist is already "here" does not mean that the First Seal has been opened and he's gone forth to which time the Resurrection/Rapture will have already happened.
How can we know the Resurrection/Rapture will have already happened?  One sure way!!! >>> Jesus, who has been our Advocate before the Father while the Accuser (Satan) has been 'accusing us day & night', will no longer need to be our Advocate when the Accuser is no longer accusing!  He will descend from Heaven with a shout and we will ascend to the throne room, stand before God, receive our crowns, cast them at His feet, and the Lion of Judah, the Root of David will begin to break open the Seals of Judgment against those on Earth.
In other words, I believe the appointed time of the opening of the Seals has not yet happened.  The white horse rider of Seal #1 has NOT yet "gone forth conquering."   The reason we know this is by identification of WHO he will go forth to conquer.  He will go forth in unbridled rage to conquer the Jews and the (tribulation) saints when he is thwarted from going after the Jewish Remnant who will be protected by God when they flee from the Abomination.
That's how I know the "First Seal" has not yet been opened.  But I am curious as to how you arrived at your "timeline.".
Until.....Sherry Vance