Elliot Hong (19 Nov 2023)
"Leonids Meteor Shower and The 8.8 Concepcion Sign"

Dear Doves:

In the previous letter, I suggested to watch closely 7 days of 11/11-11/17.
Then I found out that Leonids Meteor Shower peaks on 11/17-11/18 as below.
Leo contains the Sickle asterism. 
Calvin mentioned many times that Purim Full Moon was located at "Sickle of Leo" when the 8.8 Concepcion earthquake hit.
11/18 is 5012 days from the 8.8 Concepcion Sign on 2/27/10.
5012 is 50x100 plus 12 which means Church Age, New Jerusalem and Government Change.
11/18 is 8 days from 11/11 which is Cheshvan 27 of Genesis 8:14-20.
8.8 of the Concepcion Sign fits to 8 people of Noah and 8 days from Cheshvan 27.
11/18 is 42 days from 10/7 when Hamas-Israel War broke out.
42 means Advent.
If SD occurs on 11/18 as the midnight cry, the Firstfruits Bride will be birthed on 11/21 which is the Third Day. 
Since 11/18 is Kislev 5 and 11/21 is Kislev 8, it fits to the Charity's vision.

It's possible that SD occurs on 11/21 and the Firstfruits Bride is birthed on 11/24 which is Kislev 11(9/11 & 3/11).
11/21 is 11(Judgment)days from 11/11 and 11/24(888) is 14(Salvation)days from 11/11 which is Cheshvan 27.

Hopefully this is it.