Ray (27 Nov 2022)
"The number 153"

John and Doves,

Let's look at the number 153 again. 153 consists of 3 (First Fruit), 50 (Pentecost) and 100 which is 100th day from First Fruit. Since First Fruit varies each year, so does Pentecost and the 100th day. According to Sadducee, First Fruit is the Sunday after the Passover week. Take 2023 for example, April 9 Nisan 18 Sunday is the First Fruit, while May 28 Sivan 8 Sunday is Pentecost. But when we add another 50 days to May 28, we come to July 17 Tamuz 28 Monday as the 100th day. 100th day always falls on Monday. But in Jewish calendar, it begins on sunset Sunday. A midnight cry appears roughly around 12 am Jerusalem time. All the north American countries and cities shall face Rapture on Sunday, while European countries and Jerusalem face it on Monday morning.

A disclaimer here.  I am not saying my interpretation of the number 153 is 100% correct. But I find July 16 2023 very interesting because when I subtract 2520 days from Pentecost June 9 2030 which is the end of 430 years iniquity of Israel and Judah, I come to July 16 2023. And sunset July 16 happens to be the 100th day from First Fruit 2023.