Lewis (27 Nov 2022)
"Next 2008 type incident imminent"

Yes, one of the points mentioned  after the 2006 elites meeting in
Toronto, Canada, was that the money to finance mortgages was being
reduced to "fight inflation" among other lies...
   I immediately saw the handwriting on the wall that this reduction
in available mortgage money would send adjustable mortgage  rates
skyword causing  lots of home mortgage defaults.  my immediate action
was to sell my mortgage based securities. I had made money there but
it was time to get out... 18 months later, the major banks crashed...
   The point in my telling you this is that this sort of announcement
is always made before the elite make a major move so their people in
the know can sell out before the crash happens... all this stuff about
the coming global digital currency is the latest alarm bell to their
friends that the largest money grab in the history of civilization is
about to take place...
   The long planned 1929 and 2008 crashes  will be small change
compared to the global theft planned for in a few months time...
wether God will allow this theft to occur on the elites timetable is
anyone's guess...
    We do think we know that this event will happen after the rapture
in a mid tribulation event, as scripture seems to say that for most
people,  things will seem to be normal until after the rapture...
    I do hope that you all are paying attention... We are not going to
be here much longer...
Maranatha, Lewis