Elliot Hong (27 Nov 2022)
"Interpretation for Mysterious Behavior of Sheep"

Dear Doves:

After I read this message of Karen Newberry, it led me to find this youtube.
This message of Karen says as below:
"Even the animals know my soon return. I made them"
"I AM at the door. Strange behavior is signs I am providing"
Therefore, the mysterious behavior of sheep walking in a circle for 12 days is the sign from the Lord.
And here are my interpretations.

1) 12 days

a. 12 days could indicate Rev. chapter 12 that a man child (Remnant) is about to be birthed.
    "For the earnest expectation of the creation eagerly waits for the revealing of the sons of God"
     This verse of Romans 8:19 explains the mysterious behavior of sheep.
     A circle is a ring representing the birth of the sons of God that sheep eagerly wish.

b. 12 days could indicate "The midnight cry" of Matthew 25:6.

2) 11/28

a. The message of Karen says as below:
     "The ark door is almost closed. As in the days of Noah it will be when the Son of Man returns"
     "Who all will enter my ark? When the door closes there is no going back"
     It shows that this sign of sheep is connected to the Noah's Flood.
     The mysterious behavior of sheep has begun from 11/4 which was Cheshvan 10.
     Cheshvan 10 was the day when Noah and his family entered the Ark.
     24 days from 11/4 is 11/28.
     24 is 888 and 28 is Double Salvation.

b. 11/28 is 17 days from Cheshvan 17(11/11) which was the day when the Flood started.
     17 means Victory and is the number of 153.
     By the inclusive count, it's 18 days and 18 is 666 which fits to Rev.13:18.
     11/28 is 7 days from Cheshvan 27(11/21) which was the day when 8 people came out of the Ark.
     By the inclusive count, it's 8 days.
     The World Sport Idol Worship, Qatar 2022 has begun from 11/21.

c. COP 27 was held for 13 days from 11/6 to 11/18 and 13 means Apostasy and Rebellion.
    The Pope's new 10 commandments COP 27 is the worst Apostasy and Rebellion.
    It's 11(Judgment) days from 11/18 to 11/28 by the inclusive count.

d. Thanksgiving Day was the new moon of Kislev, the 9th month.
    9 represents Human Gestation and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit.
    11/28 is Kislev 4 which fits to $2.34.
    4 means Door which fits to Rev.4:1 and Rev.3:8.
    It shows that there will be two groups of the Bride.
    One group will enter New Jerusalem and the other will participate in the Harvest.

e. It's possible that SD could occur 3 days before 11/28.
    Or SD could occur on 11/28, then the Remnant rises 3 days later.

Since the sign of sheep is connected to the Noah's Flood, I think that it will not go over November.
Hopefully this scenario becomes a reality this time.