Jerry Taylor (29 Nov 2020)
"Rapture 2020 Dream"

The Calendar is TWO Months off. This means the 7th Month started on the 17th of November, according to the Torah Calendar. The 26th of November is Trumpets, the Day of Atonement and the start of the Jubilee Year. First Day of Tabernacles is on the 1st of December. This is when we enter the Ark! We leave 7 days later on the 7th of December. This the Last Great Day of the Feast. We attend the Sacred Assembly in our glorified bodies in heaven on 8th of December. This sister was shown that the Lord will come 2020 at Sukkot in a dream! When she posted the video on the 26th of October the official Feast of Tabernacles had already past on the 9th of October! We now know that the Lord's Sukkot is in December 2020!