Patty Hayes (24 Nov 2019)
"Long time for me to be silent"

Hi Doves,

Been out for a while, as first, seems as if by body is getting more afflicted.  I have lost my ability to speak now in a normal speech pattern.  Sometimes hard to understand me and hard to speak correctly.  I am more and more on my bed and harder to be any kind of active.  I now have switched to a church that takes 5 minutes to get to, being driven by members there, and 5 minutes home.  I now just don't drive.  I don't cook for more than 10 minutes as too weakened and feel like I am falling.   Two middle toes on left foot are now black and just today on the right foot the same toes began hurting in wincing pain. 

I am in pain while sitting in the female area, not UTI I am told, concern of cervix and vaginal potential cancer.  The doctor has expressed concern so being x-rayed Tues and loads of blood work.  Also I am down to 1 and half meals daily.  I hurt if I eat more than that.  I just cannot do regular meals anymore thus Thanksgiving is out and so will Christmas.  I cannot handle food past 3pm or be out of home in the evenings.  I need to be home by 12ish or become extreme weak and unsafe walking.  The Doc expressed worry of obstruction in the stomach and did my pre-cancer turn into cancer now as my Barrett's disease, esophagus once again suffers with renewed reflux pain.   I am not able to lift much at all now and be strategic in house cleaning.  I did also learn I do have Sleep Apnea and my seizures still occur.  

What I can do is watch the news, pray a whole lot and have kept up with all the testimonies of the impeachment.  I am one who doesn't take sides as I believe we people really never know all the true facts but God does. My job for me is to go tell people about Jesus and in turn do what I can in the process of making disciples.  I feel our world is in such a mess now and our Lord told us it would get to this stage and more, thinking of Matthew chapters 24 & 25.  So sorry for those of you who support President Trump, but, for me when I first learned of the Deal of the Century and all that entails it and what it leads to, my heart sank. I know that Fay has been marvelous in presenting this Deal or 7 year Peace Treaty for Israel and her neighbors.   I also do not see anyone on the Democratic side as well I can support.  I grieve for our nation as lived long enough to see the many changes culturally, spiritually and politically on a downward spiral.  Unless there is a last minute revival, I see us headed to become so split and divisive and becoming a 3rd world nation under the judgement of God.  

I saw someone brought up the previous Presidents and they getting before a TV station to all Americans due to the civil angst our nation is facing, was curious to me and I have an uneasy feeling about all of this. By the way, regarding exposed of materials regarding the Bidens, I have yet to see any news from Fox or elsewhere about it and I am not familiar to the one used to make this statement.  That would be huge and I am sure it would be all over the place.  All I know to do is pray a whole lot for our nation and for ALL those in authority.   Scripture mandates us to pray so. 

Anyway, my heart is with all of you Doves... I read when able to sit long enough to do so.  Should the Lord take me home at anytime soon, I will have a friend write on my behalf to you.  You all are tremendous people and a great family in Christ who serve Him well.

Patty Hayes