Garry B (24 Nov 2019)

DO YOU AGREE ?....................

Do you agree that God is speaking to the "latter years" Gentiles in Ezekiel 36:23, and to the "latter days" Gentiles in Ezekiel 38:16 when He says, "before their eyes"?

Do you agree that the prophecy of Ezekiel 36:23 which God promised to fulfill "before their eyes" of the Gentiles was fulfilled when Israel was re-established in 1948 ?

Do you agree that we are now living in the time period between the past fulfillment of the prophecy of Ezekiel 36:23 and the future fulfillment of Ezekiel 38:16 ?

Do you agree that the future fulfillment of the prophecy of Ezekiel 38:16 "before their eyes" of the 'latter days" Gentiles is speaking of the Gog-Magog War in Israel ?

Do you agree that God has promised, in Ezekiel 38:16, that the "latter days" Gentiles will see the Gog-Magog War "before their eyes'" as a visual sign before the rapture ?

Remember these words from our Lord Jesus about His coming as recorded in: 

Luke 21:28 

"And WHEN THESE THINGS BEGIN to come to pass, THEN LOOK UP and lift up your heads for YOUR REDEMPTION draws neigh. "

In this Scripture Jesus is speaking of the "redemption" of our glorified bodies, which only happens on the day of the resurrection/rapture, as happening AFTER " these things begin".  Jesus also tells us to "look up"  to see a visual sign  "when thees things begin" to happen which is the Gog-Magog War in Israel  which happens just BEFORE our rapture. 

According to Your Word, come Lord Jesus !