Fay (24 Nov 2019)
"Venus and Jupiter Tonight. Must Watch!"

As I was watching the short video clip of Hubble's new images of Jupiter (scroll down article to access the video) I was mesmerised by the changes in Jupiter's Red Spot. It's a gigantic storm that remains a mystery to scientists. Nobody knows when it began. Recently, the storm has seen changes. It appears to be losing girth but getting taller. Scientists have observed other matter interfering with the storm.

My thought was sudden. What if that storm is engaged in some sort of battle? A war? If so, that war has been raging for a long time. Nobody can ascertain when it began. What if it began when our LORD ascended to heaven? If this assumption is correct - the battle has changed. I wrote to Daniel Matson awhile back, telling him how the Red Spot brings to mind when our LORD Jesus was pierced on the cross. The stripes bringing to mind how our LORD was whipped and lashed. Bearing the stripes for our sins. Paul Dawson echoed these thoughts in one of his video clips too! 

The article is very good and the short video is a Must Watch.

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