Fay (24 Nov 2019)
"A Stinging Rebuke!"

I couldn't resist posting this for you all. It is a superb "telling off" to the Israeli politicians. The very same letter could be (and should be) written to the politicians in UK, Europe, and the Democrats in the USA. Their spiteful, greedy, evil squabbling and back biting have weakened democracy - which is buckling under the weight as we speak. Their utterly selfish quest for power have left the most vulnerable citizens at risk. Our 1st world politicians are giving the corrupt 3rd world lot, a run for their money.

I must add this to the list. Their pandering to the so-called "woke" ethos has created additional and unnecessary chaos and angst. Hate speech and gender bending rubbish dominate the headlines - along with climate change...foisting the likes of the unfortunate Greta Thunberg upon us all. What have we come to? Allowing a teenager to lecture us all? What a debacle. Where, I ask with tears in my eyes, a\re all the grown up's?

Enjoy the short article. It says most of what we are all thinking and feeling.

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