Fay (24 Nov 2019)
"More on the Satmar Rabbi"

No mention of the extremist views of this peculiar sect who want to destroy Israel, in this article. I am posting this JP article because it shows the power they wield. When this Rabbi - Zalman Teitelbaum - landed in Jerusalem on Tuesday November 19th, the security and crowds brought Jerusalem to almost a standstill. The traffic jams were awful. Read the link for details. This man and his entourage will be in Israel for 10 days. 

As they consider the Temple Mount and Western Wall to be defiled (by worshipping Jews, no less) they will not be visiting these two holy places. Instead, they will visit Mea She'arim, Bnei Brak and Meron. These are the places that house their many followers.

I researched each place and the most interesting was Meron. Meron is situated near Mount Scopus, which includes the ridge of the Mount of Olives.The view from Mount Scopus provides the best view of Jerusalem - it's Temple Mount and the Mount of Olives. A translation of Scopus is "watcher" or "lookout". Scopus is the mount where the Romans attacked from in 70 AD. When the Jewish people were banished from Jerusalem, some would make their way to Mount Scopus to gaze upon their former city. See 2nd link.

What ever the reason for this rare visit to Jerusalem by this Rabbi  (his last visit was 3.5 years ago)- it is blatantly obvious that he should not be there. And he should not be allowed to stand in Jerusalem's holy places. In New York, the Satmar;s vote in a bloc for the Democrats. The followers do exactly as the rabbi instructs. Hence their strong connection to the Clinton's. In return, the police and authorities leave them alone. They have connections to the Palestinians and have met with Ahmadinejad, when he was in power.. They are truly sinister.

Are they dishing out money to secure votes for a ;lefty government in Israel? A government that would hand out "land for peace" to the Palestinians? It wouldn't surprise me. I find the timing of their presence in Jerusalem, very creepy.

Jerusalem honored by the Satmar Rebbe

Mount Scopus