Diane Aguilera (24 Nov 2019)
"Request for prayer please - religious exemption lost in NY - 3 kids forced"

Hi Jon,
Please post to pray for my 3 kids.  I live in NY and recently this past June the religious exemption has been taken away.  I was forced by police to give my kids 7 shots in one day and this week am being forced to give 4 more, only a month later.  I am devastated for them and am not able to move out of the state.  I know it's a hot topic, I have never believed it was right to use aborted fetal cells and many other questionable ingredients. I don't know if any other doves in this spot but seemingly in my area my kids were the only ones in the whole school.  Zero support or sympathy from doctors here either. I'm so worried for them.  I have to give 4 more this Wednesday, the 20th of Nov.
Thank you so much.  God bless you.
Diane A.