Fay (25 Nov 2018)
"Prophecy Swerving into View. This is Wow!"

This article from  Breaking Israel News is a humdinger.  Sure.... there is some Jewish thought process re our Messiah that I don't quite get but - what caught my attention was the mention of Caroline (Talia)..... of "3 Final Hours" fame. Caroline was shown the state of the world in the 3 final hours before Messiah Jesus arrives. Note what the article informs us about Rabbi Kaduri (the Rabbi who left a cryptic note to be opened only once he had been dead for a year or two). The cryptic note was deciphered by leading Rabbi's and they were dumbfounded to read that Rabbi Kaduri had written down the name of Messiah as being Yeshua. There's loads of information in this article that will make you sit up and take note.

At the end of the article, Caroline (Talia) tells that she was told by a Rabbi (in a dream) that when the government of Netanyahu crumbles, it is time to get ready for Messiah.

I am trembling with anticipation, Doves. Please Almighty God - may we be with You soon.

In Jesus' beloved Name we pray.