Mary Adams (26 Nov 2017)
"A Visit with the Big Dipper"

Precious Friends:
I wrote this almost seven years ago,  but it is still a powerful Word for us today.
Iím almost 84 now, had a recent heart attack...but God has kept me.
Bless all...
Mary Adams
A Visit with the Big Dipper
I had gone to bed around 8:30 or so, tired and glad I was in my warm bed.  Outside, the wind was howling, as it had for two days straight.  These storms blast my part of Alaska with up to 75mph winds that snap tall trees and blast our streets into sheets of ice. 
Around 3am the clanging together of the birdfeeders at my window woke me up, and startled me.   As I turned,  there it was: the Big Dipper in all its glory!
I suppose only us humans who happen to live near the poles of our planet earth get to see such an awesome sight---the blackest of night sky with its shimmering jewels!  It was breathtaking to behold.  I  recalled the same sight five years earlier. I knew from that experience that I was in God's presence in a special way, for He had spoken a powerful word to me then.  Would He speak again?
I needed something, though I didn't exactly know what it was: Constant troubles in every corner of the planet, uncertainties and silent fears in every nation.  Troubles in Haiti. Troubles in Korea. Economies in peril.  A world gone mad.  Would He not give me insights about what things are to take place soon?
What is about to happen, Lord?  When will you come for us O precious King?  People, good people, yearn and dig deep into your Word for comfort and assurance.  Speak to us, Lord.
He did not answer me immediately. but waited for two more days, during which the unrelenting winds kept me inside my house.  The nativity scene I had spent hours putting up down below my driveway was now torn apart and in shambles.  Tree limbs were scattered everywhere.   All I could do was simply wait and wonder if He heard my prayers or not.
And then He spoke to me.

"Did you not notice that it was during the storm that you also experienced My calm and glorious presence?  Take note, my child.  Comfort your own heart and those of others who love Me.  Thus is how it can also be in all the storms that are to come.  Whatever happens upon the earth and in your life,  I am the One who is always and eternally with you.  Do not be distracted by the calamaties that arise.  You think of them, but seldom do you pray much about them.  Focus  on Me alone. That is the place of peace and safety, comfort and strength.  As I told My disciples before I returned into heaven: 'It is not for you to know the times and seasons which the Father hath put in his own power.'  I have told you the signs that foretell My return.  Watch for them with great joy.
I have taught you much, yet your thoughts are  sometimes as broken and scattered as the limbs from your trees.  You forget to ask Me for the simplest of things, because you have not comprehended My burning desire for you to involve me in all your thoughts.....just as  I involve Myself in yours.  Yet you think, "I should not bother God with such simple things, as 'where did I put my car keys?'" 
You remember how you awed the night scene which I woke you to behold?  Trillions and trillions of stars, so many you could never even see with your naked eye, yet I named each one--because I care for my creation.  You are also my creation and I care for You and have written your name upon My hand. 
But be mindful of Me, as I am mindful of You.  Become aware and engrave upon your mind that I am a NOW God....this moment, this hour.  I never sleep nor slumber.  All things are mine, except the times you choose to by-pass My wisdom and provision by failing to ask for mine and then relying upon your own. 
Does a farmer plant seeds in the earth and not watch over them, observing and anticipating new growth, testing the soil for moisture and needed rains, the warmth of the sun--careful to defend his crop from invading pests?  Is one seed more important to him than another? Why, then, do you limit my concerns in your own life?  Your prayers to Me are like these seeds, and whatever you ask of Me, I am such a master gardener with My Word.  I watch over it to perform it. Each prayer is a seed in My garden. 
Give Me your seeds.  No matter the size. The things you cannot understand, the questions that lack answers, the longings and uncertainties, the fears.  This time of waiting is your opportunity to learn the lesson I am trying to teach you.
Start today, at each and every opportunity.  Treasure the smallest need you may have.  It is not just a need--it is a seed for you to plant.  Then watch, with Me, what will become of it when I become The Gardener.
December 2010