Fay (26 Nov 2017)
"By their Fruits you shall Know Them"

I have been researching Islam (scary stuff) and have come across many an Islamic apologist on the internet and you tube. Oh, my days.. these misguided people are something else. Talk about turning truth on it's head! They take certain scriptures out of the Bible (?!?) to "prove" that their false prophet, Mohammed, received instruction from God. It's all a load of tosh and I won't bore you with their babble strewn video clips.

We are all very aware that religions, masquerading as "Christian" have distorted the message of Christ. Creating wars - massacring people etc. The Islamic world make good use of the Roman Catholic crusades as an example of evil. We have also been made very aware of all the pedophilia surrounding the RC church etc. It's terribly easy to spot the contradiction to the true message of Jesus. It has been made so convoluted by the insistence of world leaders, to scrape and grovel to the Pope... making him out to be the true face of Christianity. Millions are put off by the message of Jesus because of all this. They are disgusted by "Christianity". 

I was inspired to post the link to Matthew 7:15-20. See link below. Telling us to beware of false prophets and emphasising that we will know them by their fruits. There it is..... if their fruit causes misery and destruction - they are false and they are evil. It's a simple premise.

As we approach the end, it is becoming very clear that our Almighty God expects us to recognise these things. Not to be confused and to armour ourselves with knowledge. If we don't make Him the object of our worship and follow His Way and love Him with all our hearts, with all our minds and all our hearts, we open ourselves up to confusion. Our Abba Father is a jealous God and He is jealous for our love. 

I am blown away with how possessive He is over us. How much He loves us. How much He wants us to return those emotions. How He will hammer away at us ( but never giving us more hardship than we can bear) until we are refined like gold leaf. Some people have to be subjected to more hardship to get it. Some people, less. For it is His desire than none are lost. Then there are others who end up in the eternal lake of fire. Irredeemable.

Maranatha, LORD Jesus.

Bible Gateway passage: Matthew 7:15-20 - New International Version