Elliot Hong (26 Nov 2017)
"The Month of Dream and Hope"

Dear Doves:


Kislev is called as the month of Dream and Hope.

Kislev was the month that Rainbow appeared for the first time after the Judgment of Flood.

Kislev is the 9th month by the Religious calendar, and 9 represents 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Kislev is the 3rd month by the Civil calendar, and 3 represents Trinity.

Kislev 11 is Jewish 911, and 11 means Judgment.

Kislev 11 is 11/29, and 29 means Departure.

11/29/17 is 70 years since UN passed the resolution which led to the birth of the State of Israel.

70 represents a generation , and 17 means Victory.

33 nations voted in favor and 13 nations voted against.

33 means Promise, and 13 means Apostasy and Rebellion.

11/29 is 100 days from Solar Eclipse on 8/21/17, and 100 means Elect.

11/29 begins from the sunset of 11/28 by Jewish way, and it's 66 days from 9/23 to 11/28.

11/29 is 29 days from Halloween when the Inauguration of Obama Foundation was held.

Could 11/29 be the Blessed Day of our Dream and Hope?

Let's hope so.