Dennis Watson (26 Nov 2017)
"A letter...about the end times."




I do enjoy all those preachers who dig in each week and bury themselves in newscasts, newspapers, articles, posts, tweets, etc. People like Haller, Farug, Markell, Garrett, Amir (easier to spell than his last name) look around and down with binoculars and microscopes. However, to a person, each of them admits their focus is on seeing how geopolitical, cultural, church trends, in the light of Biblical prophecy, all lead to the conclusion that the time is short and the rapture is near. I agree with their viewpoint.


As a matter of fact, after every program I watch of Haller, Farug, Markel, Garrett, and Amir my first thought or statement is “WOW THESE THINGS HAVE BEGUN TO HAPPEN...NOW THEY SHOULD LOOK UP!”


There is one other trend to consider as it is Biblical and Jesus commanded it. That trend is to LOOK UP and consider what the sun, moon and stars are doing because we know, here at the end, Jesus said we can expect to see signs in the sun, moon, and stars. This, admittedly, is not the focus of these great teachers. In fact, some of them even preach against considering the astronomical world when considering the nearness of the return of the Lord. However, after a bit of Bereanizing, I am not so inclined to agree with their teaching and ignore these signs. Won’t do it.


And there ARE signs in the Sun Moon and Stars to consider.




Hello Watchers. We continue to speculate. I looked in the Bible for “Spring”. That time, that season, when the flowers bloom and the rains come. No “Spring” in the Bible. Nor fall. There are but "two seasons only" in the Bible and that idea takes me here. If the Bible only uses summer and winter in prophetic language then in Jeremiah 8:20, I could conclude that the following Biblical statement prophesied to be uttered, will be uttered only after the December 21, winter solstice. Jeremiah 8:20 “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.” (I think Israel collectively utters this just after the harvest wintertime rapture of the Church). For the statement to be true it must be stated as truth after summer ends.


SONG OF SONGS: But this potential winter timing of the rapture was inconsistent with another potential rapture picture in the Bible in Song of Solomon 2. I am wondering if the picture in Song of Solomon 2 which seems to suggest a Spring rapture, may actually not be speaking about weather conditions on earth at the rapture, but continuing weather conditions IN HEAVEN and perhaps after the rapture. Harken to this dear readers because if I am correct, the picture in heaven includes animals. The scene in Song of Songs 2 I believe occurs early in our heavenly experience after the rapture but perhaps prior to Revelation 19. The Groom and Bride continue to enjoy each other during this time before the return to earth of the Lord in majesty and judgment. Thus, maybe in spite of the late spring early summer language of Song of Solomon, we still look for a winter rapture on earth. That would be fitting. Raptured out of winter to spring. I like the picture. Apparently so did C.S. Lewis when he began the Chronicles of Narnia.


8/21 JONAH ECLIPSE 33 AND 99: Just so happens that there was something interesting about the number 33 and the eclipse of August 21, 2017. That number was reported in all kinds of areas (Oregon the 33rd state, eclipse leaving US in 33rd parallel) but most interestingly it had been 99 years (33x3) since the last eclipse that cut across the whole nation like that. Further, on day 33 after the eclipse is when the Great Sign of September 23, 2017 occurred.


SIGNS: I know that Jesus speaks apocalyptically of the Sign of the Son of Man and the Sign of Jonah and I related that latter sign to the Eclipse of August 21, 2017 (and the eclipse in Jonah's day in Assyria). AND I ADMIT, in error, I thought that perhaps it would be fitting if the rapture were 40 days after the eclipse which would then be 7 days after the Great Sign of Revelation 12:1,2 meaning the Great Sign at day 33 after the eclipse would have been my “7 days on the ark after the door is shut” sign for the rapture. Well, that was original thinking but wrong thinking as it was not God’s thinking.


THE SIGN OF THE SON OF MAN. What is this sign? I wonder if this sign could simply be the resurrected Jesus. Was His resurrection a sign? Well yes, an after 3 days sign that actually started the count towards Pentecost from this sign, as it occurred on the Feast of First Fruits being fulfilled by the resurrection of Jesus Christ. That sign, if you will, started the count to Pentecost. The 120 upper-roomed disciples got through the counting down to the 7 Sabbaths, and when they counted the next day, God chose that day and there was what we call Pentecost in Acts 2, occurring 50 days from the resurrection of Jesus. Was that the fulfillment of Pentecost? Were they done counting or did God just cut it short that time?


Please consider this. I know for some it is very difficult because they know what they have been taught and it was not this. I would submit that it was not the fulfillment of Pentecost. It was the beginning of the Pentecost season during which the Holy Spirit would indwell believers who had responded in repentance and faith. This thing is STILL GOING ON (go ahead try it, go to your closet and ask Jesus to forgive you and repent and lo and behold it will be Pentecost in your pantry) though it started back then on the actual day!!! When will the season of Pentecost end? At the rapture of the Church!!! Pentecost ENDS when the Church ENDS its membership drive.


PENTECOST SYMBOLS: Pentecost is not only associated with the creation of the Church, but there is a Pentecost connection to a bride even back when perhaps Israel was to be a bride at Sinai, where if you will, the first Pentecost occurred. At least this is where the first Trump of God was heard. The timing is essentially Pentecost timing although Leviticus was not yet but just about to be written. This all occurred at the same time as Pentecost and immediately after Israel left Egypt. Now that proposed marriage didn’t quite work out (the gold calf issue) but God (in His mysterious ways created a mystery solution) has prepared another Bride if you will. The Church is being prepared by His indwelling of those who believe and by this God is thus making them new creatures fit for Jesus Christ. This started on that day of Pentecost and will end when there is no more indwelling to create new creatures. Pentecost pictures not only the beginning but the end of the Church at the Rapture. The Pentecost season ends with the rapture and the last trump of God with the first trump having been at Sinai.


WHAT HAPPENED IS WHAT WILL HAPPEN: Pentecost in Acts 2 was described with the end of the church in mind as the rapture is pictured in what happened to the 120 disciples in Acts 2. On the day of Pentecost they were… 1) gathered, 2) in an upper room, 3) joyous, 4) in one accord (finally), 5) speaking or understanding all languages or just the one that is restored, 6) lit up and shiny. These six elements perfectly suggest what happens to the Church when it is raptured.


AN UNFINISHED FEAST: Pentecost is not done. Not till it ends. Perhaps it will end on the day of Pentecost in 2018 as is being suggested now by many watchers. But consider this, is there a rule that Pentecost must end on the very day it started? No, there is no rule. Yes, it would look great in our way of thinking. Its end would be right on time, same day as its beginning. It would occur right where we expected. Experienced watchers know, those “expected” days are not good days to watch for the rapture. Jesus indicated that.


THE PENTECOST COUNT: Consider this. The count to Pentecost in Leviticus 23:15 and 16 is written in such a way that there are potentially at least two ways to look at it. You count out 7 Sabbaths and the next day is the 50th. Or, you count out 7 Sabbaths and the next day you begin a count of days TO 50. Again, to remind you of the way the Pentecost count is worded in Leviticus 23:


15 And ye shall count unto you from the morrow after the sabbath, from the day that ye brought the sheaf of the wave offering; seven sabbaths shall be complete:

16 Even unto the morrow after the seventh sabbath shall ye number fifty days; and ye shall offer a new meat offering unto the Lord.


Whatever count happened at the beginning of Pentecost in Acts 2 may have been truncated by God because the feast was not fulfilled just started. Pentecost started on the “morrow after” the first part of the Count in Leviticus 23:15 and 16. I don't think the disciples waited 60 days (ascension 10 days before, so now another count to 50) but just 10 days after the ascension. It was not their choice. God chose that day. Remember, the Church is a mystery and it may not be even till now that we know the true reason for that second part of the count: Are we instructed to continue to count all the way to 50 days ONLY AFTER the count of 7 Sabbaths has occurred. Are we to count this way for the end of the Pentecost season?


Apparently, that count did not happen that way at the OPENING OF PENTECOST. Perhaps this 50 day count after 7 Sabbaths is a rule for the count towards the CLOSE OF PENTECOST. AND, that count should begin on the day after oh, you know, some sign? Okay. We got ourselves a sign. Lets apply the count to our now favorite sign in all of Scripture, the GREAT SIGN of 9/23/2017.


THE GREAT SIGN. Let’s see what happens if we apply our so far unused CLOSE OF PENTECOST count and we begin that count on the day of the Great Sign of September 23, 2017. The 23rd was a Sabbath and so you do not count 1 until the next Sabbath. After reaching that 7th Sabbath you go to the next day, the first day of the week, a Sunday and that is day 1. Then, you count 50 days and you come to a new Sunday. Applied to the Calendar in 2017 that last day of the count from the Great Sign is December 31, 2017, the last day of the year and fittingly that day is also day 99 (3x33) from the Great Sign of Revelation 12.


GLORY TO GOD IN A GREGORIAN WAY: Watchers look for a date of rapture that when we view it from our Biblical calendar, or whenever it occurs, the date itself will bring Glory to God. Wouldn’t an end of the Pentecost season on the end of this count from Leviticus 23:15 AND 16 give GLORY to our God in Heaven? I say yes. Must He do it on this day? Of course not. This is just speculation. Maybe there is another undiscovered day out there that will give God greater glory. I hope there is, maybe day 70 after the Great Sign. Maybe day 77 after the Great Sign. God's glory is what I search for. However, just as Martha stated to Jesus in the Spirit in John 11, that she was expecting her dead brother Lazarus to rise on the LAST DAY, well Saints, I am also looking for that LAST DAY which by virtue of its being the last day, of the year, of the Pentecost count, of the Church Age, the day itself will bring God Glory.


The date 12/31 (add the digits) brings Glory to the Father. Its perfect. The date 12/31/2017 (add the digits) brings Glory to the Father. Its 17. It could be the last day of the year of 2017 is the “last day” Martha was talking about. Lazarus lived to the beginning of the Church so he will likely get raptured and rise at the last day. Maybe that is why Enoch was brought to heaven miraculously by God when he was 365 years old: a Gregorian reference? This would be a fitting end for the Church as we no longer need the Gregorian Calendar after the 365th day of 2017! Then we meet Enoch.


OTHER CONSIDERATIONS: What happens 99 days after the Revelation 12, sign? December 31, 2017. On a Sunday. That gives an 8th day (first day of week after Sabbath) kind of feel. I have always thought that the rapture should be on a Sunday (like First Fruits and Pentecost) if we didn’t enter our rest on a Sabbath. This date has an end of Pentecost feel. A LAST DAY of the year kind of feel. A beginning of 3rd day kind of feel (3rd Millennium after Christ, you know that day-millennium thing indicating we are nearly there).


I don't see anyone talking about this 12/31 day yet. Am I going to have to make a video like Jeff the brother who pointed out “Vayera” the heading names for the Scriptural Torah Readings in the synagogue? Oh by the way, the reading for that last Sabbath (12/30) at the end of this year includes the last 4 concluding chapters of Genesis, a 50 chapter book ending with Joseph’s death but just before he died we have this in Genesis 50:


24And Joseph said unto his brethren, I die: and God will surely visit you, and bring you out of this land unto the land which he sware to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob.

25And Joseph took an oath of the children of Israel, saying, God will surely visit you, and ye shall carry up my bones from hence.


The reading for that last Sabbath before 12/31 the first day of the week is named “Va-Yechi” which means “And He Lived!” OK. I like that. It fits. We are talking about a resurrection and rapture. Flesh and blood to flesh and bone. Right at the end of Genesis. It looks like the man-child will live in the land that God promised us.


It looks like 2017 will be it. 2018, with that 8, will be all new for the Church.


Hey watchers, you do know there will come a time when we will all be in ONE ACCORD. People like you all are helping...we hear ideas, we consider ideas, we modify ideas, ultimately what is not truth gets abandoned or left behind. Soon all we will have is truth and we will all be of one accord. I am publishing this to help us get to one accord. Perhaps someone can show me my errors.


Blessings Saints. Soon, whether before or after the end of 2017, we shall rise and shine.