Clay Cantrell (26 Nov 2017)
"Poisoned by Polonium 210: The Litvinenko murder"

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On November 23, 2006, a former Russian officer named Alexander Litveninko was murdered in London; poisoned with Element 84, Polonium. Polonium is a highly radioactive substance and quite dangerous - fatal if it gets into the human body.

Two years earlier, in early October 2004, the Lord told me watch for a Polonium event coming in the future. Alexander Litveninko's death was the fulfillment of this prophetic word from God who knows all things. This was tied to the number 84, which is Enoch (Genesis 5). Enoch's Hebrew gematria = 84. The Polonium event was a precursor to the "Catching Away" (harpazo), Enoch being the type and shadow of this. 

Below is a link to a short BBC news article about Litveninko and a short moving interview with his widow. 

On my tumblr site are many articles about Enoch, Polonium, 84 etc which you can find here:

Jesus is Lord. 


Poisoned by Polonium 210:
The Litvinenko murder