1 Cor 10:31 (26 Nov 2017)
"the world is ripe, ripe, ripe for the AntiChrist!!!"

I say this on several fronts actually…. & for several reasons.

But one main reason stands out to me.  This past week, America lost a Rockstar.  I’m not speaking whether he was a “good” or “bad” person (as far as people tend to judge)

But when I read the online story & then several comments following, I’m telling you regardless of how this man lived (and most said he followed his idols of booze & women)  yet 99% of them or possibly even 100% commented that he’s now in heaven….. in fact, they think he’s now an ANGEL in heaven!!!!!!!!

Folks, we humans do NOT turn into angels!!!!!

And not everybody flits right into heaven either.

There is only ONE way.  Jesus is the way, the truth & the life!!!   He is the ONLY door to get there!!!

Acts 20:21:   REPENTANCE TOWARDS GOD the Father AND FAITH in JESUS….. read on throughout the Bible & we will come to understand that faith (believing) in Him means obeying/following Him.   {Hebrews 3; Hebrews 4}

It’s all coming together & I can see it so easily now – that soon after the rapture, when the “man of the hour” uses his pen & reaffirms a peace agreement in the Middle East, a feat that’s never been done before….. then all the do-gooder left behinders will greatly accuse anyone who becomes a Christian during the Tribulation of “how can you possibly say that about him?  King _ _ _ _ _  is a GREAT guy!!”

They will think “they” are the nice/good ones…. The ones who believe everyone goes to heaven & turns into an angel…..

And that Christians are the big trouble makers!!  {they pretty much think this way already, don’t you agree??!!}